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10 Smoothie Ideas under 150 calories

It's 3pm... I don't know about you, but I've been working hard all day and its time for a snack!

Are you someone who: 1. Reaches for that salty bag of chips? 2. Starts searching all your hubby's favorite hiding spots, trying to find the chocolate you asked him to hide- so you wouldn't eat it? Or 3. Are you someone who is able to able to dole themselves out just 15 almonds and not eat the rest of the bag? (I'm usually number 2. Lucky for me though, my hubby is an excellent hider....)

I'm always trying to eat better/watch what I eat. ( And not always with success...) By 3:00 my will-power's at it's lowest point of the day and it's so tough to resist those not so good for you snacks. One of my favorite snacks to help keep me on track and resist temptation is with a fruit smoothie. Smoothies are an excellent way to satisfy a sweet tooth without too many extra calories and they are so good for you too!

smoothie recipes with almond milk

Today, I have 10 delicious smoothie recipe/ideas to share. The best part is, that they are all around 150 calories or less!
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Easy Breezy Summer Swing Tank (with reversible applique tutorial)

I've been playing with the hemline and shape of my tank top pattern.  By widening the bottom and changing the shape of the hem, I've come up with a new and really cute version!

I'm not exactly sure what this hemline is called, but I've been seeing it all over.  It turned out so cute, I think I'm going to try one in my size.
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8 Great Projects for Craft Night + Inspiration Monday and a Patio Lighting Set Giveaway

It's an end of the month #InspirationMonday party! That means we have guest hosts AND a super fun giveaway! We're so happy you are joining us today. This week, your links are seen simultaneously on all SEVEN blogs at the same time, all you need to do is link up to ONE of our sites.

Let's get started with our fantastic giveaway>>>
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Win this beautiful {48 foot} set of vintage {commercial grade} patio lighting, 
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Making Dinner Prep a Breeze with Frozen Food

This post is sponsored by the American Frozen Foods Institute and the Frozen Food Roundtable. All opinions are 100% mine.

Raise your hand, how many of you reading this post spend the day on the couch or out by the pool reading magazines and eating Bon-Bons?  


No one?  I'm not surprised... Between children, spouses, aging parents, keeping up with our homes and chores, jobs, long commutes and all the other activities involved in work and raising a family, I have a feeling that most of us are pretty busy.

For me, not every single day is go, go go, but most of them are.  We don't go out to dinner often.  Mainly on evenings when we are already out for activities, so I do cook most meals.  Every now and then, I get the urge to try something new or make a family favorite from scratch.  I also like to use seasonal fruits and veggie when they are on sale.  But, quite often, I rely on frozen foods to help make my dinner prep quick and easy and to fill in the gaps, when I don't have time (or I'm just too tired) to cook. 

I'm sure by now, everyone has read about the fresh vs frozen debate and the benefits of frozen foods.  Freezing is a natural way to lock in the freshness and nutrition of your favorite foods. Fruits and veggies are frozen at the peak of ripeness and retain most of their nutritional values and many frozen prepared foods, like lasagna, contain no preservatives  Frozen. How Fresh Stays Fresh.

Some of my favorite recipes were put together with frozen ingredients.  Using pre-chopped or pre-cooked foods saves me so much prep time.

My Ham and Cheese Hash Brown  Fritatta:  Made with frozen Hash Browns

Hidden Veggie Chili Mac:  Frozen Cheesy Cauliflower
No Bake Mini Cheesecake Bites: Frozen tart shells
Double Spinach Bake:  Frozen Spinach
Cheesy Chicken and Broccoli Skillet: Frozen Broccoli and sometimes chicken
Raspberry Sorbet:  Frozen Raspberries

And of course my favorite frozen Lasagna from Stouffer's.  I like to keep this on hand for those nights I don't feel like cooking.  (Made it just last night...)

Another favorite quick meal is the Morning Star Spicy Black Bean burgers.  These are hands down the best black bean burger.  (I've made my own and they just don't compare!)
How Fresh Stays Fresh photo fd062587-c45b-4ca2-bc3c-86b7166181f5_zpscaf03e88.png

I'm always interested in trying something new, what is your favorite frozen meal?

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Kids in the Kitchen: Baked Apples

When was the last time you had a baked apple?

It's been a while for me, I remember my mom used to make us baked apples in the microwave when I was younger.  Such a special treat and the apples were always so yummy!

Baked Apple Recipe

I thought this would be a great little recipe that I could do with the kids.  (Yes, there is only one kid having all the fun today- back talking and bad attitudes is a guaranteed way to miss out on all the fun...  Don't worry though, he did get to help us eat the apples.)
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Lesley Flutter Top Pattern (50% of this week!) and Giveaway

A couple of months ago, I came across a pair of gorgeously distressed and embroidered ladies western boots on sale.  I'd been looking at boots for a while and still had my birthday money burning a hole in my pocket, so I went ahead and bought them.  (I live in Texas ya'll and haven't had any cowboy boots in at least 15 years- when I got rid of my winter white lace up Ropers I wore while in college.)

The sad thing is, I still haven't worn the boots!  I have nothing to wear with them and it is too hot for jeans.  I've been trolling Pinterest and Google images to see how everyone is wearing this type of boot.  Mostly short dresses and skirts in the warm weather and with skinny jeans in the winter.  

I love the look of above the knee dresses with boots, so I started my hunt for the perfect dress.  I looked everywhere!  The problem is, I won't wear a sleeveless dress and I don't like anything fitted/structured on me.  Out of the blue one day, this top popped up in my Facebook feed. 

 I loved it!  I wear tops like this ALL THE TIME and I knew I could easily make it into a dress. (read the rest of the post and enter the pattern giveaway after the jump.)
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8 Frozen Dessert Recipes + Inspiration Monday Party

Welcome back to Inspiration Monday, we're happy you're here!
We hope you come for inspiration and leave some of your own!

This week, we found 8 delicious frozen treats to cool you off! 

(Link up and see the features after the jump!)
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Mega Paint and Project Giveaway

Happy Thursday Everyone, I've got a great giveaway for you today!  My friend Kristi from I Should Be Mopping the Floor is launching a new blog, Kristi's Paintbrush.  (Don't worry, she'll still be posting on the original blog!)  Kristi's Paintbrush will be dedicated to all types of paint projects.

Th celebrate her very first post, she has put together a great giveaway of paint products and a Visa Gift Card:

Prize includes: 1 kit of Modern Masters Metal Effects Paint, 1 quart of Modern Masters Front Door Paint, $50 to spend in the Modern Masters Shop , and $150 Visa Gift Card for extra project fun!

To Enter Just fill out the Rafflecopter form below.  (and be sure to stop by her new blog to say hello!)

a Rafflecopter giveaway
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Tank Sundress Tutorial (pattern hack)

I have another pattern hack for you today!  This one is based on my Tank Top pattern from earlier this summer.

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Simple Waldorf Salad Recipe

Every few weeks, I ask my hubby to stop by Sam's Club to pick up a few items that we use in bulk.  I always ask him to grab us a couple of their rotisserie chickens as well.  We use the first one in a couple of meals and I de-bone the 2nd one and freeze the meat in meal size portions to use later.

I have so many different recipes to use the chicken, though one of my favorite ways is in chicken salad!  And what chicken salad is yummier than a Waldorf Salad, stuffed full of grapes apples and walnuts?

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