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Easy Dinner Idea: 10 Minute Mac and Cheese Pizza

Thank you to Horizon for partnering with me in bringing you this awesome Mac and Cheese Pizza recipe!

When it comes to eating out, my kids favorite pizza is the Mac and Cheese pizza from Cici's.  I believe I've mentioned Hubby and I are working on improving our eating habits.  We've been limiting our bread and sugar intake and adding more veggies to our diet. (We've been pretty strict, but I hope to loosen up a bit and incorporate all foods once again once we reach our goals.)

What this means for the kids is that they've not had a trip to their favorite Pizza place in about 6 months! (Poor little guys... Pizza is both of our downfalls, so no more buffets.) The only pizza we've been getting is the DIY kind.

This Easy Mac and Cheese Pizza recipe is a great Last Minute Dinner Idea your kids will love!

Most nights everyone eats the same things, but while the hubby and are are mostly just eating protein and a veggie or two, I still usually prepare a separate side dish for the kids. (Pasta, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, tortillas, fruit etc... you get the picture.)  Some nights though, I do make them a separate special meal.


Inspiration Monday #86 plus features

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Each week is a struggle to feature just a few of you, because there is SO much inspiration linked up. Thank you so much for taking the time to be here. It is inspiring to see your creativity and talent.

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My Feature Pick:
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Baked Mushrooms- a Light and Easy Side Dish

The hubby and I have been on a mission to add more veggies and less carb/bread products to our diet.  To keep it interesting I've been experimenting with new ways to cook and serve our favorites.  (I've still not made cauliflower "mashed potatoes" yet, but I'll be testing that soon- we just keep eating the cauliflower before I have a chance to make it.  I wonder if I can fool the kids with mashed cauliflower?)

One of my favorite veggies is mushrooms.  I especially love portobellos and the common button mushroom.  Raw, sauteed, grilled or baked.  They're yummy prepared so many different ways.

Bake your mushrooms for an awesomely delicious, light and easy side dish! This Baked Mushroom recipe goes great with any dish.


No Sew Rainbow Tote Tutorial

Do you ever see something online or at the store that even though it's ridiculously cute, you can't bring yourself to buy it?  Because in your mind, you're thinking to yourself, "I could totally make that!"

Please tell me I'm not the only one who does this... (Because I think this ALL THE TIME!)

I was on the Gymboree website recently and saw this adorable Rainbow Tote Bag.  I really wanted it for my missy, but as I looked at it more, I realized I had every material needed to make our own version of the tote bag.  (And yes, even though I didn't buy the bag I did purchase the coordinating t-shirt and sequined sneakers - had to spend those gymbucks!)

Make this adorable Rainbow Appliqued Tote for Spring!  Best part?  This is a no sewing required project!


Inspiration Monday #85 plus features

Hello Friends!! We are SO excited to have you joining us for another awesome week of
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Hostess Pick:

How to Sew Sequin Trim from Sews and Bows