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Inspiration Monday plus features

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Roller Skate Skirt Pattern for girls (sz 3 to 10)

Today, I'm sharing this free printable pdf pattern for this adorable circle skirt for girls in sizes 3 to 10!

Free circle skirt pattern for girls

My little missy has been saving her pennies for a pair of roller skates for a few months. She had a little photo shoot this past weekend and I told her after the shoot, we would go shopping for skates and I would pay the difference of what she had and the cost of the skates.  (Mostly because I didn't want her ending up with the cheapest pair...)


Win an Inactivity Tracker From Joe Boxer!

Thanks to Kmart and and Joe Boxer for sponsoring this post and reminding us that we all need to to take a moment for ourselves and relax!

Did you know that April 16th was wear your PJ's to work day?  It was, and that is one holiday I definitely felt compelled to celebrate.  Ok, no big deal I guess, since I wear PJ's to work nearly every day, ha ha!

Tracking Pixel
I may work in an environment that's casual enough to wear pajamas, but it's still work!  Which makes me wonder, when was the last time any of us took a moment to "just chill?"

To help remind us it's ok to embrace our "inner-chill," Kmart and Joe Boxer have teamed up to create the Inactivity Tracker!  It's a perfectly fun and cute wristband that monitors all the activity you're NOT doing.  It doesn't matter if you're a complete workaholic or an afternoon nap-taker, the Kmart Joe Boxer Inactivity Tracker is a reminder that we all need to take a moment to turn off!  (See how it works here.)

Inspiration Monday plus features

Kicking off a week with a party always seems like the right thing to do, no? The spring fabulousness keeps coming every much inspiration that the to do lists are getting quite lengthy. What have YOU been up to?

Features are always so much fun...we wish there could be hundreds of them.

My favorite link from this week:
Ruffled Nightgown Tutorial from Sew Can Do


20+ Delicious Strawberry Dessert Ideas

It's strawberry season- I can't wait to get out to our local strawberry picking farm for some delicious, organic, straight off the vine Strawberries!  Every year, I pick my kids up early from school and we head out to the farm for a special mom/kid day!  (I blogged about this place a few years ago here, it's really great.)
What to make with all those strawberries?  Check out These 20+ delicious Strawberry Recipe Ideas!

Last year, I made a little "oopsie" on our trip out to the farm.  I chose the day of the week I thought it would be quiet, with the least amount of people.  I was certainly right about the quietness of the farm that day because it was the one day of the week they were closed!  Talk about a couple of disappointed kiddos.  I will definitely not make that mistake again.

We're already talking about all the yummy strawberry recipes we are going to make with our strawberries.  I did a quick little search and rounded up some really yummy looking strawberry recipes to share with you today-  hope you like them!