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  1. I am the designer at and would love to sponsor a giveaway. Please contact me at

  2. Your email did not pop up for me so I am dropping you a question via this method. I am making the gathered tier pillow case dress for my 3 grand daughters. I am confused with the measurements. If I place the bodice on the fold and the measurement for the bottom of the bodice is 8 3/4" and I cut one for the front and one for the back, that gives me @ 32 " of bodice width. Correct? Then how is a total width for the second tier of 27 inches enough to gather and attach to the bodice. It is actually @5" too short to even match up to the bodice let alone gather it. That also impacts the 3rd tiers measurements too. If I am reading this wrong please help me as I am rushing to get this done for Halloween dresses. Thank you!

    1. Dear Mary, I could not email you back directly because your blogger settings are set to no reply, but hopefully you will check back here and find my message. (Do you mind leaving me an additional comment so I know you saw this?)

      1. You should have 2 bodice pieces that are about 17.5 inches wide (35 inches in total)
      2. You should have 2 2nd tier pieces. They are cut on the fold 13.5 inches each that open to 37 inches. You should have 2 of these and once sewn together they equal to about 74 inches.
      3. You should have 2 3rd tier pieces, cut on the fold at 21.25 each, opened up, they are 42.5. The two pieces sewn together are 85 inches.

      To sum up:
      tier 1: 35 inches around
      tier 2: 74 inches around
      tier 3: 85 inches around

      If you notice in this picture, there is not much gathering going on between tier 2 and tier 3. That is in effort to conserve fabric.

      Good luck and I hate that I might have confused anyone in this tutorial... I am definitely going to spend a little bit of time very soon and try to rewrite any parts that seem confusing.

  3. Hello! I'm a freelance writer working on an article for about crafts for kids and I'd like to feature your Clothespin Caterpillar project. I'll need permission to use your photos, but I'll link back to your page. Please let me know ASAP if this is OK with you, as I'm on a tight deadline due to the upcoming holiday. If you want to approve the feature, please email me at Be sure to include the name of your blog in the email. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks so much!

  4. Hi Jamie,

    I've tried both your email and contact form. Both do not work (email returns a delivery failure). It looks that you frequently update your blog. I'm afraid this is the last resort I have, contacting you via the comments.


    Personia of

    1. Hi, thanks for letting me know... I have fixed the Kontactr button- dont know why, but my account somehow got switched to inactive and the regular email seems to be working now. Let me know if you need help with something.

  5. hi! Love this dress :o) So cute!! I'm going to be e-mailing you in a bit about a sewing project/series I'm putting together for summer... will send an e-mail...

  6. Hi- you dont know me- but I have been making your sloppy joes recipe for 2 years now for my kids and they love it but the thing is I menu plan off my pinterest board and for the last several months when I click the sloppy joe pin I get a pinterst spam warning (here is the pin

    I pinned it directly from the recipe...and I have tried repinning it so that it doesnt give me that warning- but something is making it flag your blog for some reason.

    I thought I would mention it cause obviously your blog is not spammy so it shouldnt be getting flagged like that.

    Thanks for the great healthier for us sloppier joe recipe (I use ground turkey)



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