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Easy Treats for Lunchtime Snacks from Snack Pack

Thanks to Snack Pack for sponsoring this post and providing us with the yummy snacks!

With the new year in full swing, our family is pretty much back on track with everything. School’s in session, everybody’s back to work, and the family is on a “healthy eating plan.” (Ok, so hubby and I are on a diet- shhh…)

The hubby and I are cutting back on sugar and carbs, so right now I don’t want to be preparing family size portions of yummy snacks for the kids.  Are you in the same boat or maybe you’re just looking for a quick and easy snacks for lunch boxes or after school that your kids will love?

This is the exact reason I love the Snack Pack Puddings!

Snack Pack has a new redesigned easy open top and the Snack Packs are so easy to toss into the lunch box.  The pudding cups are so yummy, sweet and creamy, my kids think they’re getting a special treat.  And I am happy to include the snack packs since they’re made with real nonfat milk, (as much calcium as and 8 oz. glass of milk) use no preservatives, and no high fructose corn syrup.  Check out all the yummy pudding flavors here.

My kids love them!  (I’m serious, I could not even get them to look at me or stop acting silly for these pictures- they were too happy eating their Snack Pack Puddings!)

The pudding packs are especially fun to get creative with, don’t forget to check out all the fun recipes and ideas on the Snack Pack website!

We made a little instagram video showing all the ways we enjoy our Snack Packs, see it here!


Pick up your Snack Pack in the baking aisle and head to www.Snack Pack for more information.

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