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Monday Craft: Paper Sack Piñata

We are testing out our new Summer Activity Schedule this week.  Our craft for the week was Paper Sack Piñata’s.   These were very easy, turned out cute and hardly made any mess at all!  (The best kind of craft IMO.)  The best part of the project was, at the end of the day we got to bust open the Piñata’s and eat candy!

Materials Needed for the Paper Sack Piñata’s:

  • Paper Sacks (we used lunch bag size)
  • colored tissue paper
  • glue sticks
  • candy (or some other type of goody that will hold up to being hit with a bat)
  • stapler 
  • hole punch
  • string
  • Soft bat or tightly rolled up paper to hit the piñata with


To prep for this craft, I did a couple of steps in advance.  I cut the tissue paper into about 3 inch wide strips.  Then I cut a fringe along one edge, like this:

After I cut the fringe, I cut the long strips into smaller pieces, some the width of the paper sacks and others half that size so they could alternate colors.

I drew lines across the sacs, so the kids would easily know where to put the glue.

To get started, just run your glue stick along the pre-drawn lines and apply the tissue paper fringe.  Be sure the fringed edge is pointing down towards the bottom of the sack. (Not like in these pictures, ha!.)

 After you have done the front and back, (you could do the sides too, my son did, but my daughter didn’t, still came out cute) fill the sack with your goodies.  Fold the top over a couple of times and secure with the stapler.

Then, punch two holes and tie a string very securely through the holes.

Those who don’t wear pants, get cropped out of the photo!
Ta Da!  You are done!
paper bag pinata

Now for the good part!

I took at least 50 to 60 shots of us hitting the Piñata.  I had to laugh
several times over some of my Hubby’s facial expressions…

Oops, Piñata foul! 
We even let Dad have a few whacks! 

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