Patternless dress for Mom

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We have had a busy week around here… Lots of yard work, some sewing, t-ball practice. It has also been tough trying to get back into our schedule after only one week of spring break. The time change has not helped either. In fact I am going to try to squeeze in a nap before the school bus comes…

I don’t have much to show for it, but I have been sewing this week. I tried to make myself a house dress by copying a little dress I found at Marshall’s. It looked so easy, I thought I would just give it a shot, no pattern needed. This is the dress I was copying:

 (It is inside-out.)  The dress looked really easy, just 4 rectangles sewn together.  (two for the skirt and two for the top.)  I stretched out the waistband to get the measurements.   I put it together fairly quickly, (for me) and was pleased with the result.  Then my husband said the solid fabric made it look like a hospital gown.  So I spent the rest of the week “tweaking” it.

Here is the original attempt
Here is the final result.

I give up, I think I liked it better before I took out the extra fabric.  All it needs a pretty printed fabric I think…  It is just a house dress, I will still wear it.

I was looking through my pattern stash and found this pattern.

It is almost the same dress, but with a different waistband panel that should help reduce bulk. The turquoise fabric I used was just some cotton t-shirt knit I had laying around.  I will keep my eye out for a good price on the right type of fabric.  Some sort of knit with better drape and recovery…
I also sewed up this little playdress for my daughter:

I found this cute little polo top at Walmart and thought it would be perfect to use with this pre-ruffled fabric I picked up at Hobby Lobby last year.

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