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Rainbow Zipper Pouch Tutorial

I love my new Rainbow Zipper Pouch!  Anything bright and rainbow colored is especially popular around here, and who couldn’t use a new pouch?  It’s the perfect project if you have been wondering what to do with leftover zippers.

Rainbow zipper pouch

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Rainbow Zipper Pouch tutorial

The zipper pouch works perfectly as a break-away clutch to put inside a larger tote.  It’s so bright and colorful, you’ll always be able to spot it!  (I have a feeling I’ll be making a 2nd one of these when my little missy comes home from Nana’s house…)


zipper pouch tutorial

I always wanted to make a regular pouch with a zipper top, but since one of my sponsors (Zipper Lane) sent me so many zippers, I thought I would make my interpretation of a “zipper pouch”.

All the zippers actually work, so you can open it any place you want!

(Zipper Lane sells wholesale priced YKK zippers, you can get 100 7 inch zippers for $28. Perfect for big projects, you just need to plan ahead since they ship from India and it takes a little bit longer…)

Do you want to make one too? It really is easy, you can use any size zipper to get different shaped bags…

Of course, it doesn’t have to be rainbow, I picture it in a red and navy blue or all black for boys. Or how about a cute pencil bag in your school colors?

How to make a Rainbow Zipper Pouch

Materials needed for the ultimate zipper pouch:

  • Several zippers (I used 13 7 inch zippers)
  • Sewing machine
  • zipper foot (not mandatory, but it helps)
  • Sharp needle
  • Hand sewing needle and thread
  • iron
  • extra fabric or bias tape if you would like to add a hand strap
  • fray check (optional)


Unzip your zippers and begin sewing the zippers together. (right sides together) Carefully line up the metal zipper edge pieces when sewing together.

As you get close to the other end of the zipper, slide the zipper closed to move the zipper pull out of the way.

Keep sewing the zippers together.  Once the zippers are all sewn together, fold the zippers in half (right sides together,) to make a pouch and sew the two end zippers together.

To sew the along the sides of the pouch, you will need to open the zipper.  At this point, I had trouble keeping the zippers in a perfect line.  The only way I could keep them lined up was to sew a tiny basting stitch to keep them in place, shown below.  (You could also try binder clips or wonder clips.)

what to do with leftover zippers

If you would like to add a hand strap, cut a piece of bias tape to the desired length and sew along the edge.
Fold the bias tape in half and slide it inside the pouch, lining up the edges as shown below. Pin in place.

Sew along the sizes of the pouch, getting as close to the metal zipper stops as possible.

Then flip the pouch right side out and gently press with edges with a warm iron.

There you go! Isn’t it cute!  If you make a zipper pouch, please come back and share your creations on my facebook page or tag me on Instagram using the #scatteredmompatterns!

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Got zippers? Make this darling Rainbow zipper pouch with this easy zipper pouch tutorial!

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