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Ruffled Fabric Beanie and Scarf

I never quite got around to cleaning my craft room after making my ruffled infinity scarf a few weeks ago, so I still had a couple of different colored ruffle fabric pieces laying around. (Any family members reading this blog can keep their sarcastic thoughts regarding the cleanliness of my craft room to themselves-ha ha…)

I have purple, fuchsia, yellow and light blue ruffled fabric in my stash and after looking at the fabric for the last week, I decided to make my daughter a scarf and matching beanie hat before I put the fabric away.

ruffle fabric scarf and hat

As I contemplated how I wanted to photograph the hat and scarf, I got lucky with a few things and managed to take some adorable pictures of my kids!

Number 1, we had a cold front blow through the day before and dropped the temps into the 50’s so she was able to wear this little absolutely adorable outfit I bought her last year at Crazy 8 (love that place.)
Number 2, the clouds hid the sun all day and we had a cloudy hazy day.
Number 3, My hubby finally made the little tent frame I had been asking for. (I planned to drape the quilt top over the frame, but it was too short.)
Number 4, the hubby was also planning to take the kids to see a moviea, so I was able to bribe them to pose for me…

Yes, they loved that little lantern…  I found it at hobby lobby when that had the big spring clearance, it was 70% off and I grabbed it!

I could barely get my son to look up from taking apart the acorns, but that’s ok, he was really just an “accessory” for these pictures.  I was grateful we were able to get a few shots of him without the dreaded “turtle-neck.” He picked out his own outfit, and did pretty good IMO.  (As long as you don’t notice his pullover is actually inside out!)

To make the scarf, I just cut the ruffle fabric 8 inches by 58 inches, then folded the fabric in half and stitched along the edge and left the scarf ends raw.  If you want an infinity scarf, you can follow my directions here.

To make the beanie hat, I used my beanie hat tutorial found here.  (Actually, after I took these pictures I ended up tightening the hat up about 1/2 inch.)

Have you made anything fun with ruffle fabric?

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