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Water Feature Inspiration and Hometalk

Have you guys heard of Hometalk?  Hometalk is an online community devoted to all types of home and garden projects.  What I enjoy most about Hometalk is that it combines visual inspiration similar to Pinterest (but without all the clutter of other topics) with the social aspect of Facebook.

You can follow topics and people that interest you, and it’s a great place to upload your own DIY home related projects and share solutions to various problems.  (I got a ton of traffic from Hometalk when I uploaded my DIY Bubble Fountain.)

You will find your favorite Home bloggers already on Hometalk and of course you can follow them there and see what they are being inspired by.  I’m on there too and you can follow me here.
Are you researching a project or have a home related problem you need help with?  You can ask questions and interact with hundreds of thousands of Hometalk users.  Hometalk has successfully created a community of people who love to share their own projects and will take the time to help others with their specific challenges.
You can create “Boards” and “clip” project to your boards so you can easily find them later.  I created a Board of DIY Water features.  (It’s crazy how creative some people are…)  Check out my board on hometalk for some awesome outdoor pond and fountain inspiration
For Mother’s Day, I received the gift of labor and yard work.  We are so close to finishing our little side garden, I can’t wait to get it done and post the project on my blog and upload the photos to Hometalk.  I did share a sneak peak on instagram.  (You can see it here – we caught a mama and her two baby deer checking out the garden for edibles…)
Water Feature Board link.  Now, go find some inspiration!

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