Strawberry Trifle With Pound Cake

The sweet strawberries, creamy pudding and pound cake really come together and scream deliciousness in this super easy strawberry trifle with pound cake recipe.

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– Strawberries – Sugar – Instant vanilla pudding, (plus the ingredients to make it.) – Cool whip – Pound cake



Coat strawberries with sugar, refrigerate for 30 minutes.



Mix pudding and Cool Whip.


Create a strawberry trifle by layering 1/3 pound cake, 1/3 strawberry syrup, 1/3 pudding mixture, and 2/5 strawberries. Repeat layers twice, reducing the final layer to 2/5. Refrigerate for 2 hours before serving.

"I always bring this on family get-togethers and the whole family (all 16 of us) love it! They always request this. Thank you for the recipe." -- Sydney M.

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