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Only 3 ingredients and the jam is ready in just about 20 minutes!

Have you ever wanted to make homemade Strawberry Jam? It’s so easy! All you need is 3 ingredients!

Strawberries Sugar Lemon

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Thank you so much! It was so easy and fun. I have never tried anything like this before and now I want to make jam out of everything!

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This was our first attempt at making jam and my girls were THRILLED with the outcome! Thank you for sharing a wonderful and fool proof recipe!



I just made this recipe using frozen organic strawberries. Omg it is Delicious! Thank you for sharing , I will never buy store bought jam again!


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Recipe Instructions

1. In saucepan, mix strawberries, sugar, and lemon juice. 2. Stir over med-low heat until the sugar is dissolved.

3. Reduce heat to medium, stirring frequently, mashing the strawberries as you stir. Continue to simmer, until the jam is thickened and bubbles completely cover the surface of the jam.

4. Transfer jam to a jar and let cool to room temperature. 5. Seal jars and store them in the refrigerator.

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