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Tic Tac Toe Road Trip Game Printable (+ 9 more road trip game ideas)

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The weather is warming up, and we’re ready to head out for some fun family road trip adventures.  If you are too, you’ll definitely want to bring along these Kid Friendly Road Trip Games and Ideas for your next trip!

(This post is sponsored by Goldfish, but the opinions shared ar 100% mine.)

10 Kid Friendly Road Trip Games

We upgraded our camping experience from a tent to a bumper pull travel trailer last year.  We’ve had the trailer out several times now, though most of our trips have been within about an hour’s distance from the Austin area.  

There is just so much to do around here!

We love camping and one of the primary goals for these weekend road trips (other than to have fun) is to work on strengthening our family bonds and for everyone to disconnect from electronics, be more in “the moment” and enjoy the great outdoors.

We have an exciting trip to the Big Bend National park planned for May.  (I’ve never been!)  I know that our stay at the park will be amazing, but truthfully, I’m a tiny bit worried about how the car trip will go.  The time in the car will be over 7 hours and we’ve never been on a road trip for that long amount of time.  My two little guys are very close in age and while sometimes they play wonderfully together, other times they don’t.  (Bickering, whining- that sort of behavior.)

When it comes to traveling, I do allow tablet time, but try to limit it to only an hour or two.  

This means we have to get creative to keep everyone entertained.  We always need a few of fresh ideas to keep the kiddos from annoying each other and asking, “are we there yet?” every 10 miles. 

Hopefully, with a bit of planning ahead and a well-stocked cooler full of drinks and snacks, we will have a great car trip.

Here are 10 Great ideas to get you ready for some road trip fun and maybe even, some surprising quiet time.

10 Kid Friendly Road Trip Games and Ideas

1. Printable Tic-Tac-Toe game.

Grab the Printable here ==>>  Tic Tac Toe Printable

printable tic tac toe cards

Use whatever you want for your X’s and O’s but this game pairs perfectly with the Goldfish Colors, lol!

10 Kid Friendly Road Trip Games

2. Trip Journal.

If you have kids that can and like to write, try giving them their own notebook to keep track of your daily activities.

This is a great way for them to not only write about your adventure, but they can make drawings and share it with their friends later when you get home.

3. Make a map.

Take some extra time before leaving on your trip to make your kids a map of where you are going and let them follow along. 

Whether it’s a short road trip or a long one, it will be fun for them to see the towns, cities, and states, that you pass through as you make it to your destination.

4.  Rock, Paper, and Scissors.

Oldie but a goodie. You just can’t go wrong with Rock, Paper, and Scissors.  I still use this to decide some pretty big things in my house between the kiddos.

5. Say Cheese.

Give your kids a disposable camera and let them have some fun along the way taking interesting and fun pictures.  When you get home, get them developed, and encourage them to make an album or scrapbook of their Spring break memories.

6. Blow big.

How fun would a bubble gum blowing contest be?  Even the older kids and adults could participate.  Get a big bag of low cost gum and go wild!

7. Money bags.

Start the trip out right by giving each kid a set allowance and letting them use it however they like by buying souvenirs and snacks.  Who knows, maybe they will even treat you to a nice surprise.

8. Color away.

Pick up some inexpensive, new coloring and activity books from your local dollar store along with crayons and markers. Sticker books are fun too.  There is something about the newness of these items that is exciting for the kids.

9. Classic game.

Don’t forget about “I Spy…”  Yes, this never gets old on a long car ride.  Start with your youngest and have them “spy” something in the car and describe it without giving it away.  Everyone gets to ask questions about the object until someone guesses right.  Perhaps have a small prize (piece of candy) for the winner.

10. Quiet Time

Now for the peace and quiet part of the ride.  Create an activity book or small backpack of word searches, coloring books, puzzles, hand-held car games, and snacks that appeal to your child’s interests.  Hopefully this will give you some time to sit back and enjoy the scenery and some quiet time.

10 Kid Friendly Road Trip Games

Now it’s your turn!  Do you have any tips for keeping the kids busy? Share your favorite car activities in the comments below.

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  1. This is such a fun idea! And I’m loving that the kiddos will have their favorite snack after the game!

  2. Nicole Burkholder says:

    The money bags are a great idea! Kids love to have control over their own funds, and it’s a special way to celebrate a road trip. Tic Tac Toe is also another favorite in our house!

  3. Jane @SustainMyCraftHabit says:

    First, my kids LOOOVE their goldfish crackers. Second, thank you for these fun ideas. We travel to the cottage a lot over the summer so it’s great to have some non-movie options for them. Pinned 🙂

  4. Angela, Blue i Style says:

    Great ideas! My five year old LOVES playing games in the car, so we’ll be adding some of these to the rotation! I’ll definitely be printing out the tic tac toe and picking up some goldfish for our next road trip!