Having trouble with my patterns?

One of the ways I can keep these patterns free for you is by making them “self-serve” and by providing minimal customer service. 

Meaning, if the answer to your question can be found on this page, I most likely won’t respond directly to your question but will refer you back to this page.

You must possess basic computer skills to access and use these patterns OR have a friend or family member that can assist you and use the free adobe reader found here.

Here are a few frequently asked questions/ problems and their solutions for my self-serve patterns:

First and foremost, a question I get quite frequently is, “How do I get your pattern?

Answer: Look under the list of materials needed, and the pattern download page in my shop is usually linked there.

Once you have navigated to the pattern download page in my shop,  you must add the pattern to your cart, then click VIEW CART/ PROCEED TO CHECKOUT.

Once on the checkout page, you will then be prompted to enter a few details.

And then click PLACE ORDER.

After you check out, two things will happen.

1.  You will be directed to a thank you checkout page that looks like this:

Click the pink/purple button, and the pattern will automatically be downloaded to your pc.  

I provide the pattern only in the download; you have to return to the instruction page for the sewing instructions. 

Capture the instructions however you like.  Most people use the print button on their browsers. (The blue link, where it says “Return to the sewing instructions, is clickable, and will take you right to the instructions.)

2.  The second thing that will happen is you will receive an email with the download and the link to the sewing instructions. 

The email looks like this:

To download the pattern from your email, click the link under download, and the pattern will automatically be downloaded to your pc. For the sewing instructions, you can also click the “return to the blog post for the sewing instructions.”

In over 12 years, my Free patterns have been downloaded over three-quarters of a million times, These are the common Issues.

1. The pattern never came.

Reasons this happened: 

  • You entered your email address wrong.
  • The email went to your spam folder.
  • Your email provider completely blocked the email.  This frequently happens with Hotmail, Yahoo, and AOL, so you will need to use another email address – like Gmail.)

Solutions to try:

  • Check your spam folder. Add this email address to your contact list: Jamie @ scattered thoughtsofacraftymom.com  (remove the spaces around the @ symbol.)
  • Return to the pattern download page and re-enter your email address.
  • Do not use a Hotmail, Yahoo, or AOL email provider.  Gmail is all I can recommend; if you are using one of these providers, I will tell you to use a different email address.

2.  The link doesn’t work/ where is the pattern:

Make sure you have the latest version of the free Adobe Reader downloaded to your device.  (Any other pdf reader might render the pattern at a size other than intended for printing, or the way other random programs extract the pattern might be blocked by my security settings.) I cannot answer any questions about printing or opening if you use a program other than the free Adobe Reader.

You can download the free version of Adobe Reader here.

When you click on the link, depending on your device/operating system a few different things will happen: 

Click the link ONCE and give your system a few minutes to work.

The link (pattern) might do 3 things depending on your computer settings.

A: You might get a pop-up asking for permission to download the pattern. or

B: The pattern might auto-open in the Adobe Reader and then you can save the pattern wherever you wish to store it. or

C:  (THIS IS WHAT CAUSES MOST PROBLEMS) The pattern might auto-download to where ever your computer automatically stores downloads. Check in that folder as well. 

Tips to locate the pattern if you can’t find it on your pC: 

If you clicked the link and it seems like nothing happened, your computer most likely auto downloaded the file to your download folder.  Here are a few tips to help you locate that folder:

Navigate to the place where you can search all the files on your computer and type “downloads”.  The search result should give you the download folder. Click on it.

Once you are in the download folder, sort by date (most recent at the top) and you should see your most recent downloaded files.  My preference is to open that file and re-save it to my pdf pattern folder, so I can always find it.  

You can also just search your computer for the file name. So if you downloaded the peasant dress pattern, search for “peasant dress.”

3.  I clicked the link and got an error message:

This message means the link is expired or you downloaded it more than the allowed # of times (I set an expiration date and download limit to protect my digital property from copyright infringement.)


The solution to this error is to search your computer for the file or revisit the post, re-enter your email, and generate a fresh pattern link to be sent out to you.

The most important tips to remember for using my patterns are:

1. Your access to my patterns will automatically expire after five link clicks. If you have already clicked the link more than five times or too much time has passed, you can return to the pattern download page, re-enter your email address, and have a fresh link sent out.

2.  If the pattern never came and you sent it to a Hotmail, Yahoo, or AOL email address, your email provider most likely blocked the email.  The only thing I can recommend is to send the pattern to another email address.  Then you can forward that email to your Yahoo/Hotmail/AOL address and it should go through.

3. If the pattern never came, but you used Gmail or another proven email provider, the issue is it’s either in the spam folder or you mistyped your email address. In this case, I would tell you to navigate back to the pattern download page and resend it.  Also, if you sent it to a work email, there is the chance it got hung up in the server spam place. If you are friendly with the IT person, you can ask them about that…

4. I do not have the ability to email you the pattern.  This automated process is one of the ways I keep the pattern free.

If you think this is just way too much hassle for a free pattern, you might be right. (It all depends on what your time is worth to you.)  One of my favorite places for purchasing pdf patterns is Etsy.  They give you the download link right on the purchase page, and the seller will usually provide extensive customer service; plus, there are some very talented pattern makers out there.

Good luck, and remember, if you do make something with one of my patterns, everyone loves to see what you’ve made. The best way to show off your finished item is to share a photo to my private Facebook group (created especially for readers to show off their creations. You just have to request access on Facebook) or tag me on Instagram using the hashtag #scatteredmompatterns!

Keep on self-servin’, and I will keep up the free patterns!



Other questions: 

Why can’t I print the instructions?

You can, Just click print in your browser menu bar.

Why won’t you send out the instructions?

My website, while fun and rewarding, is actually for profit. 

I gave you the pattern, which I probably spent at least 40 hours creating, plus a significant amount of money goes into my sewing equipment, photography equipment, pattern-making software, computer, fabric, sewing supplies, and a minimum of $450 per month for hosting and security, to keep the website up and running. 

I make, at max, .015 cents per page view.  I know it doesn’t sound like much, but if each visitor spends a few minutes visiting three different pages, the website earns about half a penny. Those pennies do eventually add up, lol. I pay the website maintenance with those pennies  AND in 8 years, I saved enough to purchase a bumper pull camper, and now I can take my kids out on weekend getaways to make up for not playing with them while I worked on these patterns. 

Final Note:

I plan to keep my current catalog of patterns free. I do, however, have potential future plans to create a few “add-on options,” such as an e-book of the pattern that includes: the pattern, fit chart, size chart, fabric amount guide, pattern layout guide, styling images, and the sewing instructions all in one printable document. Or maybe a large-scale version to be used for projector cutting. These types of add-on options would be available for purchase for a minimal fee.