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DIY Gift Boxes with Duck Tape and cereal boxes

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This post brought to you by Duck Brand. All opinions are 100% mine.

Have you seen the new selection of crafting tapes from Duck Brand Craft Tapes?

They now have glitter, washi, fabric, and prism tapes!  (Would you like to try crafting with Duck tape?  We have a few rolls of Duck Brand® Tape left over and I would love to share them with one lucky winner!  Just leave a blog post comment and let me know what you would like to make.)

I’ve made some pretty neat projects in the past with the regular Duck Brand® Tape (you can see my no-sew zipper pouch, duck tape pumpkins and Halloween costume here.)  And I admit, I already have a pretty good selection already in my craft closet, but when I saw the new glitter tapes, I had to to try them!

How to make gift boxes with recycled materials and Duck Tape!  #DuckCraftTape

The Glitter Duck Brand Craft Tapes have a fabulous glitter effect.  Just like real glitter, except the glitter doesn’t get everywhere or flake off! The glitter tape comes in fun, bright colors – Pink, Aqua, Silver, and Red.
Can you imagine all of the cool projects we can make with no mess?   (I loved my heart glitter candles, but glitter is messy and I could have done that project with glitter tape in half the time, and no mess!)

For today’s project, I’m sharing a tutorial for making gift boxes from recycled materials.  I used the glitter Duck Brand® Tape to dress them up, but I think the prism, fabric or regular patterned tape would be great too!
These little gift boxes are perfect for when you need to dress up a small gift without making a trip to the store.
How to make gift boxes with recycled materials and Duck Tape!  #DuckCraftTape

Materials needed:
  • Duck Brand® Tape  (see all the varieties and styles here.)
  • Chipboard or heavy cardstock (cereal boxes or old greeting cards work great for this) 
  • ruler, scissors or exacto knife 

Decide what size you want your gift box to be, add 2 inches to that box size.  (You’ll loose these 2 inches when we fold the sides.)  I wanted my box to be 3 by 3, so I used 5 by 5 for my measurements.

Cut two pieces of chipboard or heavy cardstock to your measurements. (I tested both-they worked great.)  Trim a scant 1/8 inch from 2 sides of one of the pieces so the boxes will “nest” together.

Using a ruler and exacto knife/scissor edge, (or scoring tool if you have one.)  Measure in one from the edge and gently score the chipboard.  Be careful not to the cut through the cardboard.  Do this on all four sides.

Bend the chipboard along the score marks.

Start applying the Duck Brand® Tape along the back of the chipboard, covering any pre-existing designs.  (note:  the glitter duck tape has a tiny bit of transparency, so keep that in mind when choosing your chipboard.)

Make sure the Duck Brand® Tape is fully adhered to the surface.

Refold along the score marks and snip the top and bottom edges to the score mark intersection (as shown below.)  You will now be able to fold the chipboard into a box shape.

Use additional Duck Brand® Tape to tape the folded edges in place.

Repeat the process for the other side of the box.

Decorate with a pretty ribbon and you are done! Like this project? Don’t forget to pin it!

How to make gift boxes with recycled materials and Duck Tape!  #DuckCraftTape
For more ideas and inspiration, you can follow @TheDuckBrand on twitter and the hashtag #DuckCraftTape!

Dont forget!  Leave a blog post comment and let me know what Duck Tape craft you would like to make and you will be entered to win an assortment of Duck Brand® Tape to craft with.  Be sure to include a way for me to contact you and US residents only please.  Good Luck!

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  1. jason wall says:

    OMG Amazing will surely try this, i’m loving the glitter Duck tape.

  2. We are always looking for cute little boxes to use for gifts and these are just perfect! I think I'll make multiple sizes!

  3. I love the boxes, how cool are those? Especially for little girls. What a great idea. Thanks for sharing. I would probably do some sort of bracelets for my girls. Sparkly and cheap, perfect for little girls that loose everything!

  4. this is a great idea. I use Duck tape and diaper boxes to make magazine/catalog holders all the time. I LOVE the glitter taper–I haven't seen it yet.

  5. Love these! Will definitely make them for future gifts. I just wanted to let you know that I am linking to this post from my website ( today if you don't mind.

  6. Glitter duck tape. Oh my goodness. I never knew something so amazing existed! Thanks for an awesome project idea!

  7. Great use of an old cereal box and Duck tape. Will keep this in mind the next time I need a special box. Pinned. Visiting from Craft o Maniac Mon. Linkup

  8. Wow, your idea to make your own gift boxes w the duck tape as decoration is awesome! I'm always wishing I had more gift boxes when it comes time to wrap presents. But, the first crafty DIY uses that came to my mind for any of the cool decorative duck tape that came to mind were to use as a tape to decorate homemade dance or fitness Hula Hoops (they're heavier than the children's ones you find in stores & in my opinion they're way more fun. Plus they can burn up to 400 calories an hour which in my book is amazing bc they're so fun too. It doesn't feel like you're working out at all). The other thing that automatically came to mind was to use the tapes to decorate a homemade journal or a DIY eyeshadow holder made out of an old book. With the tape you could really add your own personality to either project. This definitely isn't the first DIY idea I've seen that uses duck tape brand as decoration & I'm sure it won't be the last. Which leads me to say I'm so glad that duck brand makes such a wide assortment of cool & decorative tapes. The possibilities are endless! I bet when the original tape was made by duck brand they never would've imagined all the ways it would be used today.

  9. Glittery cuteness!! I have watched several tutorials using duck tape but have never tried any. I can't wait to finish my cereal so I can cut up the box and make this cute gift box.

  10. I'd make the little boxes. Sometimes when I have a small gift, I have a hard time finding just the right size box.

  11. So pretty! I will definitely be making these for all future gifts; they're the perfect compliment to one of my handmade gifts. Now, if I can just win some special sparkly duck tapes to top them off!

  12. Ohhh, I love huskermarty's project!! Mentoring means a lot to all kids.

    I was just thinking it would be something different to make a Christmas tree topper out of that silver tape. It is very hard to find a tree topper for the smaller trees and several older folks I know have these but cannot get a decoration to stay at the top. Cardboard and this style of tape would make lovely stars, angels, etc. But for everyday, why not a pair of earrings out of the tape? I can think of at least two styles right now…..hmmmm….maybe 4. Or a case for an ipad/pod, ohhh and im in the middle of getting ready for a spring show/sale, i gotta stop looking at my crafting sites. Love your scattered thoughts site! It gives me lots to think about, and make, and enjoy!

  13. I would love to use this tape to make a spring craft with the middle school student that I mentor as part of the TeamMates program. Last week we started an Easter wreath and I think this tape would really enhance that project or another project that we might do. We both like crafts and I try to work with her on one at least every month. She and her Mom have then worked together to make the craft. I would brainstorm with her to see what ideas she has to use the tape and then try to figure out how to do it.

  14. I actually really like the box idea and would probably make that for my first project. But then I would make something decorative for the house!