Menu Plan Monday – 4/16

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Happy Monday everyone!  I hope your weekend was fun and relaxing.  Mine sure was…  Here is my menu for the week:

Monday:  Beef Fajita Taco Bowl Salads  I have some thin cut steak that will be perfect as fajitas…

Tuesday:  (Soccer night) Burritos from the freezer.  I think I will try to get a double batch of my Freezer Friendly Healthy Breakfast Muffins in the freezer today.

Wednesday:  Jambalya.  The photo does not do this recipe justice, it is really good!

Thursday:  Quesadillas and Tortilla Soup

Friday:  Pizza night!  I will most likely be sending the hubby and kidos out for pizza, but I might make it at home.  I am sometimes completely worn out by Friday and like to leave this night open…

Saturday:  Healthy Sloppy Joe’s

Sunday:  Low Cal Enchiladas.  I made these last month and they were great!  I will try to get the recipe posted along with some better pictures after I make them again…

I will be linking up to menu plan monday over at orgjunkie.com

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  1. Your menu looks delicious- stopping by from MPM.

  2. I am in so much need of a good enchilada recipe and yours looks yummy! I hope you get a chance to post it soon!

  3. Making a double batch of muffins to put in the freezer sounds like a great idea. I may double my PB&J muffins this week and do the same. Thanks for the idea! -Kelly