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Menu Plan Monday – 7/23/12

Happy Monday Everyone!  

We have had such a busy week and weekend, plus I stayed up super late reading last night.  The yawns are coming non-stop, but I can’t go to bed until the sheets are out of the dryer and back on the bed.  My fault for not putting them in the dryer ’til 9pm.  (I have more than one set of sheets, but these are the ones I prefer to sleep on…)
Here is our menu for the week:

Monday: Fried Rice w/ Chicken

Tuesday: Grilled Burritos and salad. (That is if I can make it to the store for burrito sized tortillas. Otherwise we will probably just have quesadillas.)

Wednesday: Breakfast for Dinner, (Eggs and sausage.)

Thursday: Ham and Cheese Stromboli 

Friday: Bringing home pizza?

Saturday: Spicy black bean Burgers (Boca Burgers, I love these!)

Sunday: Crock Pot Chicken Teriyaki

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