Reader’s Favorite Recipes of 2015

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It’s one of my favorite times of the year!  I love looking back over the past year and seeing everything I accomplished and all of the new content I was able to add to the ol’ blog.

I kind of felt like I didn’t do as much this past year, but as I look back at my older posts, I realize I added around 225 new articles (which is more that I thought there were…)

You might have missed a few of these recipes, so be sure to check out the top 13 food related posts from 2015.  (Maybe you will find a new family favorite!)

Reader Favorites.

(Recipes listed most popular 1st)

1.  Lemon Cheesecake Pie recipe.
This pie was the clear winner of the year…  It’s delicious and very easy to make, but what put it over the top is, it must have gone out in a Pinterest “you might also like” type newsletter.  So yay for that!


Also super yummy.  A bit messy, but worth it!


Everybody loved this one!
This Chili Dog bake is amazing!  I don’t recommend it while trying to lose weight, but if you are maintaining on a low carb way of eating, then this recipe is for you!
Kids beg for this one all the time!  I don’t mind making it for them on nights I’m just having salad.  It’s so easy since it is made with a pre done pizza crust and a Horizon Organic mac and cheese cup.
So great for a warm day.  I’ll even have one of these when made with sugar free lemonade!
Great lunch ideas, this post was very popular.
Just plain ol’ fabulous.  I made this peach jam with a bunch of waaay over-ripe peaches my dad bought from a peach stand for $10.  I told him how popular this recipe was and he asked, “Where’s my royalty check?”  Ha ha Dad, you’re so funny!
I love casseroles. Rice is on my no-no list, but I still had to have just a bit of this.  It was really good- just the right amount of kick!
Anything lemon is so good!  (I made a sugar free no graham cracker version of this one for myself.)
So yummy and versatile.  I serve this on salads and pasta!
You can never have too many yummy side dish recipes.  Both of my kids went crazy over these…
This one is so good!  You cant miss with this hearty pasta dish!
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  1. Cara (Kindly Unspoken) says:

    Wow all of this looks amazing! Especially the mac and cheese pizza!