Big Bow Crochet Headband

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I’ve got my lil’ missy signed up for a new volleyball league this spring and I’ve been bringing my crochet projects along to keep me busy during the practices…   I just finished up this Big Bow Crochet Headband and wanted to share the details and basic instructions with you today!

Get the instructions on how to Crochet this Big Bow Headband.

This is a great project for beginners.   The headband is put together with simple straight rows of half double crochet.


Big Bow Crochet Headband

I did not include a video of the half double crochet stitch.  If this is something you would like to see in the future- let me know in the comments…  If you’re interested in purchasing a course to get you started, I definitely recommend the intro class over at Craftsy.  (I took the original class with a different instructor, but this new one looks even better.)  I just looked up this class and it is on sale right now.



Measure around your child’s head and subtract 2 inches.  If you don’t have a child to measure, use this chart.

  • SC = single crochet
  • HDC = half double crochet
  • Y/O = yarn over

I used Caron Simply Soft Yarn and a 5 mm hook.

Crochet 16 SC chain stitches. Turn, Y/O and insert hook into 3rd stitch from hook.

Crochet 13 HDC stitches.   (For 14 total- remember the 2 SC count as 1 stitch.)  Add 2 SC, flip project over. Yarn over, insert hook into 2nd stitch and HDC 13 stitches.   (For 14 total- remember the 2 SC count as 1 stitch.)

Repeat until your project equals head measurement – 2 inches.

Crochet ends together, cut yarn and work tails into headband.

Crochet a bow piece and center strip with method above.  My bow was 16 total HDC wide, (so 18 SC in the foundation chain) and about 18 rows in total, but you will want to adjust this based on the size you are making.

Crochet a center strip (again- based on the size you make. My strip was 7 stitches by 8 rows.)

To put together the headband, pinch the bow piece together in the center and wrap the center strip around the bow and headband.

Stitch the ends of the stip together, trim yarn and work all ends into the headband.

You’re done, so cute!


Just learning to crochet?  I’ve got a few more quick and simple project you might like to try:


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