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By the end of last summer, 85% of Texas was in an “Exceptional” Drought and 96% was in “Extreme” Drought.  Thankfully we had a very wet February and March, so those numbers have dropped to 36% and 17%!  (You can view the last updated Texas drought monitor here.)

The bonus of having such a wet winter and spring is a beautiful display of Bluebonnets.  (Our state flower)  We can thank Lady Bird Johnson and her “Beautification” project for such a glorious display along our Texas highways.  (You can read a lovely tribute article about Lady Bird Johnson in the Washington Post here.)

Now, back to the original point of this post, Bluebonnet pictures!

I have already printed these top two pictures for a three-photo-collage frame I have, but I can’t decide on which one I should print for the third picture.  Does anyone have any opinions?  (Unfortunately, we could not get a family shot because my hubby is covered with poison ivy.)

If you are wondering about their outfits, I made my daughters skirt with this simple skirt tutorial and my son’s tie from this faux tie tutorial from iCandy handmade.

This bluebonnet patch is at my son’s elementary school:

And this one is at the church where my daughter goes to school, I love how this patch has some purple flowers mixed in.  The reason you are not supposed to pick bluebonnets is because they will re-seed and come back every spring.

Just for fun I put together an animated gif of the best of the worst out-takes.  I deleted the worst as soon as I uploaded them, but I wont do that next time, because a montage of terrible pictures turns out to be pretty funny.  (not so funny when you are trying to take thee pictures though!)  I had to reduce the quality of the pics because the file was huge!

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  1. The Pink Giraffe says:

    what a fabulous backdrop for your photos! Yummy pictures 😉

  2. Christine @ Angel Stitch Embroidery and Jezebel says:

    Those are beautiful photos! Here in California we are getting our poppies now. But the only fields of anything I see lately are mustard. Still stunning though. If I were doing a collage I would do the first photo you posted of the two of them. I love a spontaneous looking photo…..

  3. Our Heirloom Life says:

    I am from Texas (now live in Washington state). Bluebonnets are my favorite part of spring! **sniff** I miss them!

  4. Anita Stafford says:

    These are adorable pictures! I LOVE the 3rd picture! Poor hubby, maybe a family shot next year!