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How to Crochet a Rag Rug with Fabric Scraps

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I’ve got the greatest little scrap-busting project to share with you today: How to crochet a rag rug with fabric scraps.  It’s the perfect project for a beginning crocheter or as a way to use up those scraps!

DIY rag rug

Several months back, I had to throw away the rug in my children’s bath.  (We had just gotten through a stomach bug… and ya, that rug had to go.)  The old rug was an inexpensive turquoise bath mat from Ikea, I’ve been back to Ikea a few times, but keep forgetting to pick up another one.

Since I have quite a bit of scrap fabric and old t-shirts, I thought this would be a fabulous way to use those scraps!

Make a simple crochet rag rug using fabric scraps or t-shirts!


This is really a super simple project.  No measuring, no counting, just single crochet until you have the size you want…  If you’re thinking about learning or taking a crochet class, I took this one: Crochet Lab, and do recommend it.  (Though you should wait to buy it until it goes on sale- Craftsy puts their classes on sale for 50% off fairly often.)

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 upcycled rag rug

What I love most about this rug, is looking at it and remembering the projects made from the fabrics (many of which are outgrown now.)  I see the fabric from the Mommy and me outfits (the photo in my header.)  Leggings, the cascading ruffle peasant top, woodland creatures skirt, my draped cardigan and several others.


How to crochet a rag rug with fabric scraps

I used all knit fabrics cut into 1 inch strips, and tied the ends together using a square knot. I rolled the fabric into one big ball and crocheted the rug with a 16 mm crochet hook. Once the rug was the right size, I bordered it with a white fabric strip single crocheted around the edge. I  trimmed the knots and tucked any stray pieces that were still sticking out, back into the rug.

The kids think it’s the greatest thing ever! (Plus it will keep their little tootsies warm this winter.)

How to crochet a rag rug with fabric scraps


What do you think?  Would you like to make a rug like this?

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  1. I love your rag rug. Can t shirt knits be combined with cotton fabrics?

    1. I don’t recommend it. as the knits will stretch out when crocheting, but the cotton will stay tight. It will lead to an uneven rug. I would stick with all knits (of similar stretch) or all cottons.

  2. Backing/nonslip, I used carpet tape. Not the best solution but it worked. I want to try using a hot glue stick, on the back side, in rows across. Read it as a tip for nonslip crochet slippers. Rugs are not reversible though, with this method.
    Also, non-skid liner for rugs can be cut down to size and rinsed when dirty to reuse. Have fun Ladies!

  3. For those looking for a pattern, if my counting is right, it looks like she started with a chain of 35 (or so) and then single crocheted 30 rows. It appears to it’s a total of 32 rows after the boarder is added. This is what I’m about to attempt. Looking forward to it! Thanks Jamie for the inspiration!

  4. Brenda in SC says:

    Actually on FavCrafts, your rag rug is spotlighted as a pattern and directed to this page. But it is simple enough to understand as long as the person knows to SC to the length they want, turn and continue to the height they want then just put a border on. But it is listed on their page as a pattern and directed here….but it is simple enough to understand as long as the person is a crocheter with experience.
    Thanks for a really cute rug!! Hope you and your family are staying well through this Covid scare.

    1. Thanks for the update! this post is pretty old, I will add this to my list to update and provide more info.

  5. What am I missing? I don’t see any pattern information here. Just telling me to single crochet until I reach the size I want isn’t enough for this returning-to-crocheting after decades crafter. Thanks for your help!

  6. Cheryl Ashley says:

    I was curious as to whether the rug has a special non-slip backing? Thank you and I love your beautiful projects.

  7. I am finally making a rag rug. I have thought about one for a long time.
    The knots on the back of mine don’t allow the rug to lie flat. Is there something special I should be doing with the ties? How short do you trim them– or is it better to work the ends into the back side?
    I like the colours in your rug. Unfortunately, most of my t-shirts were my husband’s, so they are darker colours!

    PS. Love your tiny hearts also.

    1. I just hand-worked the knots to make them lie more inside the weave instead of the bottom. I also left the ends about 1.5 inches and just pulled them through to the back and weaved in only in spots where needed.

  8. I was going to make a door mat with “plarn” from plastic bags but was concerned that it wouldn’t be absorbent. The fabric with the plarn will be a great combo. I will cut the t-shirts into strips the same way and loop join them. Thanks for the great idea.

  9. What about using old blue jeans? Not sure if it would be too bulky.

  10. Oh I love this rug! The colors and everything, it's so pretty. Thanks so much for sharing at Inspire Me Wednesday. Featuring you in next week's issue.

  11. I really like this rug! I've been thinking about trying one of my own, so thanks for the tips. Looks great!

  12. Making a rag rug has been on my to do list for years, I'm collecting different methods on pinterest right now. This looks like a good method, I love how it turned out.

  13. I like your rug!!! it's wonderful! I had the same idea but did some round rugs for my kids!!! next time a square like you did!!!

    best wishes

  14. Your rug turned out wonderful. I love the colours. I've made round rugs but really want to try a different shape. Thanks for sharing with us all. Best wishes, Darlene

  15. I love this. I've been thinking of crocheting a rug for our bathroom, but the idea of using old tshirts is just perfect and will be such a soft, absorbent and easily washable rug. Thanks for this idea!

  16. Your rug post gave me a great idea! Thank you for an inspiration. And I really love the white lining that rounds up the rug colors into a harmonic unity. And oh, the photos are magnificent – do you have a professional photographer?

    1. So sweet, thanks! No photographer, that's just me.

  17. I bought some sheets at a thrift store awhile back. Ripped them into strips and them into balls. That's it. Thanks for the reminder. I will pull them out and start on a rug this weekend.

  18. I love the bright colors of this rag rug! Such a fun project! I'd be thrilled if you shared it at my Creative Ways Link Party. We go live at 8pm central on Wednesdays!