DIY Dream Jars (BFG Inspired Kid’s Craft)

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Love The BFG?  Have fun crafting with the little ones by making your own Dream Jars with this simple tutorial on how to make Dream Jars!  Shout out to Disney’s The BFG for partnering with me on this post!

Celebrate the BFG and make your own Dream Jars!

If you’re a fan of the children’s novel, The BFG by Roald Dahl – great news!  The movie based on the book has just been released on DVD.  

If you’re unfamiliar with the book, The BFG tells a story about the friendship and adventures of a 10-year-old girl named Sophie who meets The BFG (Big Friendly Giant).

The two set out to London, on a mission to stop the other bad giants in the land who love guzzling “humans beans.”


My Lil’ Missy loves snuggling with me to watch movies in my bed.  Since Disney’s The BFG is now available on Pay-per-view, we ordered a copy and settled in to watch the movie together.  The movie does not disappoint!  The imagery is wonderful and really feels like Sophie is in a giant’s world. (There are some great laugh-out-loud moments, and to me, there’s nothing better than listening to your little one enjoy big-belly-laughs.)  

She especially liked the scenes with the dream jars and we were inspired by the movie to make our own version.  

The best part about this craft is that the Dream Jars double as little night lights and are perfect to keep on the bedside table.

To make your own Dream Jars:

You need:

  • jar of some sort (we used baby food jars)
  • luminary battery-powered candles
  • tissue paper (lighter colors work best)
  • white cardstock
  • glow paint/paint brush
  • scissors and marker

How to Make Dream Jars:

Gather supplies.


Paint cardstock with a few coats of glow paint.


Turn on candles.

Cut a square of tissue, large enough to cover the candle and still have ends sticking out of the jar.


Wrap candle and gently place in jar.  Fluff tissue ends.

How to make Dream Jars

After the glow paint has dried, tear label size pieces and write the names of your dreams.


Glue label to jar.

BFG Dream Jars

Turn off the lights and watch your Dream Jars glow!

BFG Dream Jars

Now, it’s your turn!  Have you seen Disney’s The BFG?  What craft are you inspired to make?

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