DIY Neon Bangles w/ Duck Tape (for an 80’s party)

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I have an 80′ themed party coming up and I’m not one who goes “all out” when it comes to that sort of thing.  Am I a dud?  Possibly…  But really, I just feel like I have to pick and choose where I want to spend my energy.

So for this particular get-together, I’m just throwing together a neon dolman-style off the shoulder top, leggings and a few neon accessories. I received a great selection of Duck Brand Duck Tape® that happened to be in “totally awesome” shades of neon.  So perfect for my 80’s themed party!

Make these cute 80's inspired neon bangles using duck tape! #ducktape

The original plan was to re-cover some plastic bangles I already had.  Unfortunately, I searched all over the house and just couldn’t find the bangles.  (I do remember a certain little girl playing with them, so there’s no telling where they are…)  

I poked around in the garage looking for something I could use to make a bracelet and came across a stash of unused fish tank tubing…  Absolutely perfect for this project!

It ended up being so easy.  So if you don’t have any bangles to could recover with Duck Tape®, this method is the next best thing!

Supplies needed:

  • Duck Tape® (find Duck Tape here)
  • Tubing (I used tubing that had a 3/16″ inside diameter)
  • Scissors
  • lollipop stick
Cut a piece of the tubing that will comfortably fit around your hand (for easy on/off.)

Tear off a piece of Duck Tape® and wrap around the tube.  (I used their new narrower width tape, but if you have regular Duck Tape, just cut it down the middle.)

Wrap a second piece around the tube to make the tape more secure and cover any spot of the tube still showing.

Cut off the excess Duck Tape®.

Cut off about 3/4 inch piece of the lollypop stick and put it in the tube. This will help the bangle keep its shape.

Insert the other end of the stick into the opposite end of the tube.

And wrap a small piece of Duck Tape® around the connection, and your done. Look at that, a neon bangle, easy-peasy! Are they perfect? No… Were they fun to make? YES! This would be great as a boredom buster summer project.

Have fun!

Make these cute 80's inspired neon bangles using duck tape! #ducktape

These are the fabrics for my top, I should probably get to work on it…  What’s next on your crafting to do list?

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  1. Karla Casteloes says:

    Love the idea of the bandana bracelets. Thanks for sharing. Me and my granddaughter can make these. So very pretty.

  2. Those are so cute, and I think the tubing probably worked better. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  3. Deepa Gantayat says:

    this diy is awesome, the end product is amazing!!! Love these Neon colors…

  4. belinda smith says:

    omg, I love these. Perfect craft for my girl scout troop!

  5. Julia Nyanyo says:

    I'm loving all these bright / patterned / glittery duck tapes I am seeing around. And I am loving what you did with this, great idea. thanks