Faux Crackled Ice Vase Tutorial

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Making Faux Crackled Ice Vases is a great craft for those boring snow days.  The kids will have a blast sprinkling the “snow” and even better – you probably already have all the supplies needed!

diy crackled ice vase

Brrr, it’s cold out there! I don’t know what the weather’s like where you are, but it’s been darn cold here (and it looks like we are headed for another below freezing cold snap… It would be worth it if we could just get some snow!).  The kids and I have been cooped up inside for too long.  The “new-ness” of all the Christmas gifts have worn off and it’s been a challenge for me to keep the kiddos busy (and argument free.)

We needed to keep busy so I’ve bee scouring the internet for fun crafts we could make with supplies on hand. I have a bunch of different glass jars just begging to be recycled, and a huge bag of Epson Salt, so I thought these Faux Crackled Ice Vases would be a fun craft to do!

how to make a crackled ice vase with epson salt

The kids had a lot of fun sprinkling the “ice” on the vases.

how to make faux crackled ice

You might already have the supplies needed for this project on hand, but if not, they are easy to find. At the craft store.

To make the Faux Crackled Ice Vases, you’ll need:

  • Vases, Glassware, Recycled Jars, or Bottles
  • White Paint
  • White Glue
  • Epsom Salts

Instructions to make a Crackled Ice Vase:

  1. Paint the glassware white.
  2. Once the paint is dry, apply white glue to a portion of your vase, and then roll it in Epsom salts.
  3. Shake off the excess salt and allow it to dry.
  4. Tip:  For extra sparkle on your vases, add fine, iridescent glitter to the Epsom salts.

Crackled Ice Vase Tutorial

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    Honestly, I like a bunch of them, but your faux crackled ice vases are my favorite!

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