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  1. Jackie Johnson says:

    I’m looking forward to the template for the square block quilt pattern.

  2. Dianne Biscoe says:

    I really do appreciate you giving us these patterns. Went to JoAnn’s and could not find the type of nightgown pattern I was after for my granddaughter. I used one of yours last year and added sleeves, Will probably combine a couple of your patterns to make this year’s.
    Thanks again!!

  3. Could you please give the nutritional values for this recipe. We are newly diagnosed Type 2 diabetics trying to follow guidelines as close as we can.

  4. I would like your free diy rose pincushion pattern please! Thank you!

    1. I don’t have a rose pincushion pattern. Did you see this in a round up post? ( I’ve done several over the years so I can’t remember what is where.) If so you’ll need to click the link and visit the blog that the pin cushion post is on.

  5. Thank you for the easy washcloth directions. I plan on making some for Christmas!
    We are from DFW area but in OKC for work.

    Take care!

  6. Evelyn l. Walker says:

    Thank You. i have 4 boys & 4 girls kids & adults to make this for.

  7. I’ve just discovered this site and am really looking forward to “getting lost in it”😂😂

  8. Kelley Pratt says:

    Re: your question about sending a quilt out to be quilted;
    I have used Missouri Star Quilt Co. several times. Excellent patterns to choose from, wide backing choices or send your own with your top. Reasonable prices for quick turnaround or regular price if you’re not in a hurry. Also you don’t have to have them do the binding. They do an excellent job – worth it!

  9. Do you charge for this?

    1. Charge for what? My sewing patterns? They are free. I make enough to keep everything going with the ads in the posts.

  10. Judi Yusko says:

    We are going to make your bird seed catcher to keep the area under the feeder tidy. Great, inexpensive idea. Thanks, Judi