How to Host a Destination Holiday Meal

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Thanksgiving is just around the corner and whether you’re planning a destination Thanksgiving Holiday or a cozy meal at home, I’ve got some great ideas to share today on how to make your holiday meal prep a breeze. (Thank you to Boston Market for sponsoring this post, all opinions are my own.)

How to Host a Destination Holiday Meal

Our family is celebrating Thanksgiving a bit different this year.

For the past 7 years, the big Thanksgiving meal has been held at our house for the entire family.  A few times over the years, the numbers of people topped 30.  It was always an amazing get-together. Everyone pitched in, but it was still a lot of work!

We sold our house in the late Spring of this year.  We’re just starting the process of building another, but in the meantime, we’re down a central gathering spot for family holidays. (We’re currently small rent house that barely holds my family of four, much less a gathering of 18 to 25.)

So this year, we’ve decided to have a destination Thanksgiving holiday get-together.  My Port A family is still displaced from their current home (fingers crossed – they’ll be back in by Christmas), so we’re packing up and heading to the beach near Galveston, Texas to celebrate.  We’ll be parking our RVs and trailers at a beachside RV resort and we’ll be livin’ it up, eating our turkey, beach-side!

I’ve thought a lot about how we’re going to handle the meal prep.  We’ll have 3 RV’s with decent enough size ovens and stovetops and we all have microwaves too, so when I heard about the new Boston Market Thanksgiving Home Delivery option, I knew that was the way we needed to go!

You can get a complete Thanksgiving meal for 12, shipped directly to your door for $119.99!  The complete Thanksgiving meal includes a Whole Roasted Turkey, Mashed Potatoes & Gravy, Home Style Stuffing, Cranberry Walnut Relish, Spinach Artichoke Dip & Crackers, Dinner Rolls and both a Pumpkin and Apple Pie.  Boston Market has other options, like a basic meal for 12 or a turkey and ham for 12 plus smaller serving options too.

The Boston Market Thanksgiving Home Delivery program is available to order through November 19, 2017.  You can place an order at BostonMarket for a fully cooked, complete Boston Market Thanksgiving Heat & Serve meal which will be shipped frozen, ready to be fully thawed, heated and on the table for serving within two-three hours.  Time is limited to place your order, you check out all the options here.  (If you live near a Boston Market, you also have the option to pick up a complete meal or a la carte items the week of Thanksgiving- but you still need to place your order by 11/19/2017.)

Can I just say I am thrilled at the idea of avoiding the grocery store and the hours of prep that go into making the turkey, mashed potatoes, dressing and all the other trimmings!

Whether you're planning a destination Thanksgiving Holiday or a cozy meal at home, I've got some great ideas to share today on how to make your holiday meal prep a breeze.

Whether you're planning a destination Thanksgiving Holiday or a cozy meal at home, I've got some great ideas to share today on how to make your holiday meal prep a breeze.

For additional information on Boston Market Thanksgiving Home Delivery and to see a wide selection of other available holiday offerings including Heat & Serve, Hot & Ready Catering and A La Carte options, visit or follow @BostonMarket on Twitter or Instagram.

Are you thinking about a Destination Holiday this year?   (Or maybe just taking it easy?)

Here are a few tips and ideas to get your Destination Holiday plan rolling:

Plan a simple menu.

How easy would it be to have the entire meal shipped to your door?

Get organized and make some lists.

You’ll want to bring serving utensils, simple decor and any other special items needed for your meal.

Plan an appetizer, and drinks for the family to enjoy while the cooking is taking place.

Make sure to have plenty of snacks to keep everyone satisfied and out of your hair while cooking.  (How great would  a hot chocolate bar be for the kids be?)

Don’t forget sturdy disposable plates and utensils

Leave enough time to get yourself cleaned up and ready. 

Set aside a few minutes to get pulled together before sitting down for the meal.  Several of the Boston Market Meal plans come with a starter of artichoke dip and crackers- the perfect distraction for you to fix your hair and get changed!

Relax and have fun!

Now it’s your turn!  Do you have any amazing plans for Thanksgiving this year?  Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. We are having a Thanksgiving destination dinner at and air bnb this year. My daughters, juniors in college, live eight hours away from home. Due to schedule conflicts they are not coming home. So we are headed to see them with their dogs. The tips in this article were very helpful to think forward to simplifying this event!

  2. CourtneyLynne says:

    Ooooo very helpful read here!!!! I have always wanted to do a holiday away!! Now I know how to pull the meal off! Thanks

  3. Tami Qualls says:

    This would make Thanksgiving do so much easier. I hate having to spend all my time in the kitchen when I could be spending the time visiting with my loved ones.

  4. Lorelai @ Life With Lorelai says:

    What a great idea! The Boston Market Home Delivery food looks delicious! Sounds like your Thanksgiving will be one to remember. 🙂

  5. When our youngest two are a bit older we want to start traveling for holidays. A destination Thanksgiving would be amazing!

  6. Neely Moldovan says:

    Awesoem tips. I have actually never traveled for a holiday. My family all lives here. But this tips will help people for sure!

  7. I do like the idea of having an easy Thanksgiving meal like this. I love the idea of a destination holiday, so many of my family members live far away, this would be an amazing way to get together!

  8. Heather Johnson says:

    Simple menus are a definite must! No need to get fancy when the destination is already different, right?!