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How to Make an Infinity Scarf (easy tutorial)

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I absolutely love an Infinity Scarf!  Scarves can dress up any outfit and you can make infinity scarves from lightweight knit or chiffon for summer or a warmer fabric for winter.  I’m excited to share this quick tutorial on how to make an Infinity Scarf.

How to make an infinity scarf

Easy Infinity Scarf Tutorial

I picked up a little infinity scarf for my missy on one of my recent shopping trips.  Our weather had briefly cooled down last weekend and she finally got to wear the scarf.  She looked so darling in her scarf, I had to make her a few more.  Luckily, there were a few fabrics in my stash that were perfect for light-weight infinity scarves.  (A semi-sheer chiffon, a knit and some sort of rayon/polyester mystery fabric.)

How cute is this scarf??  (Seriously, I think I might have to seal the blue one.)  I really like how the blue fabric retains its fullness.

DIY Infinity Scarf Tutorial from

How to make an Infinity Scarf

These infinity scarves are really easy to make.  You should be able to whip out a few in no time at all.  (Plus, they make a great gift.)

This particular scarf tutorial works best with fabrics that have a nice drape and a print/design that shows on both the front and back.  (If your fabric is printed on one side only, you might want to use the method shown here.)

infinity scarf tutorial

Materials needed to make an Infinity Scarf:

  • 2/3 yard drapey fabric (knit, rayon, chiffon)  (If you’re using a fabric 60 inches or wider, you’ll only need 1/3 yard.)
  • Basic Sewing supplies

Step 1.  Cut your fabric into 2 pieces:

  • Child size:  12 inches wide  x  30 1/4 inches long
  • Adult size:  12 inches wide  x  33 1/4 inches long

Step 2.  Sew the ends together to make one long fabric strip. 

(Using whatever seam finishing technique that works best for your fabric.)

I trimmed and left the seam raw on the knit scarf:

how to make an infinity scarf

But for the chiffon and rayon scarf, I did a french seam and sewed it flat.

Step 3.  Hem the scarf edges.  (If using knit fabric, just leave it raw.)

The prettiest hem option for sheer/thin fabric is a narrow rolled hem using the rolled hem foot.

I’ve tried and tried, but can not master the rolled hem foot!  Sometimes it comes out looking ok, other times the hem is just a mess.

I’ve found the hem looks just as good (if not better) to just roll the hem with my fingers as I sew…  

Step 4.  Sew the raw scarf edges together. 

Use the same seam finishing technique as you used in step 2.

That’s it!  


how to make an infinity scarf

Enjoy your infinity scarf!

How to make an infinity scarf.

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