A day in the life of my kitty (and a giveaway.)

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This picture is a pretty typical snapshot of my daily view while trying to prepare dinner…  

This post brought to you by Fresh Step and Meow Mix. All opinions are 100% mine.

Not only do I get dinner demands coming from both of my kids, but I also get them from my third “child” Rocky. (The cat.)

He knows when I’m in the kitchen late in the day, it’s his dinner time too!  If he can’t get my attention by meowing or batting at my legs, he will jump right up onto the empty barstool next to the kids and let me know! He will not be ignored!

Rocky loves the Meow Mix Tender Centers® Salmon & Turkey Flavors dry cat food we’ve been giving him, but he’s a much happier cat with the occasional addition of the Meow Mix® Real Tuna & Shrimp in Sauce wet cat food.

Just last Saturday, my daughter woke my hubby and me up at 7 am to inform us that Rocky had gotten out onto the upstairs balcony and was now walking around on the roof.  (How did this even happen? Who knows, its another case of that mysterious, “Not Me.”)

Luckily I arrived just in time to stop my young son from climbing over the rail to get him. (ACK! That is definitely a statement that will make a parent jump out of bed faster than any alarm clock. Time for a childproof lock on that door!)

They had already attempted to entice Rocky over with his regular food with no luck. Rocky had no plans to budge from his bird’s-eye view of the bird feeder.  

Luckily, I had a couple of containers on hand of his favorite Meow Mix® Real Tuna & Shrimp.  (I have to keep these hidden or the kids would give him the entire container at every meal.)  We opened the container and Rocky smelled the wet food almost immediately.  

Thankfully he came right over for breakfast and my hubby was able to grab him.

Crisis averted!

I’ve been so happy with the Fresh Step and Meow Mix litter and food, that I’m giving away a $25 gift card to Walmart so one lucky reader can try the Fresh Step Fast Acting liter and Meow mix for free!  (I’ve definitely been a very happy Momma by having with a less stinky litter box since switching to the Fresh Step® Fast Acting litter.)


To enter the giveaway:

1.  Leave a comment either sharing what a day in the life of your cat is like or your favorite personality trait of your kitty.

2.  For an additional entry, visit the Walmart page for Fresh Step and Meow Mix, (there’s lots of fun stuff on the page.) and leave an additional comment just letting me know you visited the page.

3.  For up to 3 additional entries, tag a photo of your cat on either Instagram or twitter with the hashtag #walmartlovescats.  (It’s ok to tag a previously posted photo on Instagram.) Leave an additional comment with the instagram link for each tag/entry.

Good luck!
*us, residents, only, the contest will end at 11:59 pm on 6/1/14.  Please be sure to leave a way for me to contact you if you are the winner.

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    My granddaughters each have a cat Peanut & Jelly. Jelly is a very vocal kitty. They carry on conversations for ages. Jelly will greet you when you can in the house. When she wants food she will go to her bowl and back to you to ask for food. On Sunday they have a special breakfast in a special bowl. She will not eat the food in her regular bowl and will keep talking or putting her paws on your legs and cupboard until she gets her special breakfast. They are both lovely, cuddlesome kitties.

  2. Don’t feel too bad! Our cat, Greyson, (who looks very similar to your Rocky)somehow busted open a screen on the second story and proceeded to hop out onto the roof. He’s not the brightest and isn’t food motivated, so we really had to try hard to coax him back in!

  3. I don't have a cat right now (sad) but the last one I had was my favorite. Bart would steal anything he could pick up and those things were gone forever! He was always asleep when I got home from work and would sleep all evening – tired from all the mischief he had gotten into during the day.

  4. My moms cat just sleeps all day. She moves from one couch to the next. She will also eat meals in between. Lazy cat. lol
    Faithrains2387 (At) yahoo (dot) com

  5. My favorite personality trait of my cat is that she loves to snuggle at night. She will curl up as close as she can to me once I'm in bed.

  6. My cat does not like to cuddle.. Definitely had a wild side and loved to play in the bushes and attack our feet.

  7. My parents have a cat that is 14 years old (she used to be my cat). Her name is Kiwi, a long-haired calico. A day in her life consists of mainly sleeping at this point; she can usually be found under her favorite bushes outside, or in her bed in their garage.

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  8. Every time I visit my grandma her cats are either eating or sleeping. Maybe I just always happen to go at their meal/sleep time. I don’t know but one thing I am sure is that they make her very happy.

  9. I visited the walmart page. I love using Fresh Step cat litter. I have not tried the fast acting yet but love and use the Odor shield every day. My cats love the Meow Mix cups, too. Especially the shrimp and tuna one.

  10. My cat, Bubba is a very large 22 lb. beef cake. His day consists of waking up, eating, taking a nap, eating, singing down the hall, and oh yea, eating. He’s a precious sweetheart who loves to EAT!!!!


  11. I visited the page….I didn't know Meow Mix had so many flavors!

  12. I used to have a cat that would fetch drinking straws 🙂

  13. Until I went to the Meox Mix page at Walmart, I didn't realize that Meow Mix is the maker of PARTY MIX. Our inside cat, Thelma, will only eat dry cat food – no people food and no canned cat food. She does, however, LOVE all of the original Party Mix flavors, and the additional ones that have the same texture have become new favorites. Thelma does not, however, ever eat crumbs. She eats around them (creating more crumbs) but leaves all of the crumbs at the bottom of her bowl, and when the whole pieces of Party Mix are all that remain, she requests more Party Mix. Several times a week we take Thelma's crumbs outside to Callie, and add them to her feeding bowl. Callie, fortunately, LOVES crumbs!

  14. Four years ago, we had a massive population of ferral cats, abandoned here when the economy declined. An organization here in Florida, No More Homeless Pets, is willing to neuter ferral cats, and treat them for fleas and give them their rabies and other shots, if someone traps the cat and brings them in. Later the cat is picked up, and returned to the original neighborhood, where there will be a regular feeding station in an out-of-the-way spot, and the returned cats are fed regularly and allowed to live in peace and safety. Initially we were just trying to feed the strays, but as their number grew and grew and grew, we realized we could not keep up! So, we began to trap the strays, and bring them to No More Homeless Pets instead. We managed to save 5 feral Mama cats, and returned 4 to our neighborhood. The 5th, Callie, was SO special! A friend wanted to adopt her, so she was brought to the friend's home, rather than returned here. After 2 weeks, the friend (foolishly!) decided that the cat would come back if she was let out, and let Callie out. For 6 days we worried, and scoured the neighborhood calling her, and worried some more. Finally, on the evening of the 6th day, Callie came walking up our sidewalk, wobbling a little from exhaustion and meowing furiously about the inconvenience of the whole situation, and telling us in no uncertain terms that she was hungry, and she was HOME. She had walked steadily for blocks and blocks – at least 10 full city blocks – and maneuvered safely across a major busy highway to come back here! Since we live in an apartment complex with rules prohibiting outside cats or feeding cats outside, we now have a special clause in our lease making Callie the only official Outside Cat who lives here, and permitting us to keep her and care for her. In the winter, we put out a lap sized folded quilt on our patio table, with a heating pad under the first 2 layers, and we turn it on if the temperatures are going to dip during the night. She is the Queen of our patio, now very affectionate, and she will sit on our laps when we are outside, sleeps on her little quilt at night, and walks with us to the mailbox, or to the laundry area, or the office, waits and walks back with us. She still will not come inside our apartment, but she will stand in the open doorway, and look first in one direction, then in the other.

  15. My cat, Little Tyke can be very quirky. If another cat eats out of his dish, he will stop eating until you dump the rest of the food into a new dish. He also knocks on the door quite loudly when he wants to get in and out.

  16. Visited website: Enjoyed the "More Tip for Being Even Happier Together" tips.

  17. A day in the life of my cats, is they chase each other and wrestle during the day; they like sitting with me by my computer.