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Easy Upcycled Tank Top (free pattern)

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I’m still working on clearing out my craft room stash. (Don’t miss out on my latest stash-busting giveaway, it’s ending soon.)  I have a lot of supplies in here, including a big box(es) of clothes that I don’t wear anymore and had put aside to turn into something new.

I was going through my recycle bin to try to clear some of it out and came across this pretty blue top at the very bottom of the pile.  I’d always loved this particular top.  The embroidery and colors are just gorgeous.  Unfortunately, I never liked the top on me.  It was too short (shrunk the first time I laundered it) and kind of shapeless.  The top was too expensive and way too pretty to giveaway- so it’s been sitting in my recycle pile for several years, waiting for just the right time and pattern to be made useful again.

Easy Upcycled Tank Top (free pattern)

I thought my free swing tank pattern would be perfect to remake this top into something for my daughter.

Turned out totally gorgeous- I’m glad I waited until she was a little older to use it.

Once I cut the shirt apart, I spent some time toying with the placement of the pattern onto the shirt/fabric.  I decided to cut out the lacy neckline and use the original hem rather than creating the curved hem from the pattern.

I had to deepen the neckline a bit, since I wanted to remove the lace inset and get the longer length I like in a top.  No big deal really, but since the trim fabric I was using had so little stretch, I had to remeasure for the binding.  (The original pattern calls for ribbed knit or knit fabric with at least 50% stretch)

I measured the sleeve and neck openings and cut two inch strips of my knit binding fabric to that measurement; then gently stretched the binding strip as I sewed it on and cut off the excess fabric.

Worked out just fine and this top is long enough and roomy enough to fit for a couple of years I hope.


Uh oh…

Nothing like a chase with some stinky cheese to bring a photo shoot to an end!  You’ve got the cheese touch!  (Quick, name the movie!)


Let me know if you’ve used this pattern!  You can share it on my facebook age or tag me on instagram.

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  1. Jane @SustainMyCraftHabit says:

    Love this! Such a nice upcycle. You've totally inspired me to rethink some of my pieces that have, ahem, shrunk in the dryer into clothing for my girls. Thank you!