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Flounce Sleeve Peasant Dress (How to add a flounce sleeve to any pattern)

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Learn how to add a flounce sleeve to any top or dress pattern.  (Plus be sure to download the latest version of my free peasant dree pattern, it is now available in sizes 12 mo to 14 yr.)

Learn how to make a flounce sleeve pattern to add to any top or dress  (Flounce sleeve peasant dress- how to add a flounce sleeve to any pattern.)

Flounce sleeve peasant dress- how to add a flounce sleeve to any pattern.

Good news everyone!  I have finally done the work and added larger sizes to my free Peasant Dress Pattern!!! This free girl’s dress pattern now goes from size 12 months up to size 14 to include the older girls.

(Grab the pattern here.)

One important thing to note – this pattern is a bit different from the old pattern: I’ve taken a few polls over the last year or so to find out if you guys preferred having a full dress pattern (skirt already drawn in) or if you wanted the pattern to stay bodice only (saves printer paper, but you had to draw in the skirt yourself.)

It surprised me, but every time I asked, the only people who chimed in were the ones who wanted a full pattern.  So, that is what I made.  (If you are someone who liked the bodice only, <like me, lol> I will keep the original available in my private Facebook Sewing group.)

tween peasant dress pattern

My little missy is a huge fan of flutter sleeves, so I told her I would add the sleeve to the next dress I sewed for her.

This particular dress was more of a test and I didn’t want to use up my good fabric just for testing.  I don’t have many fabrics that are in a 2+ yard continuous cut – which is about what is needed for the larger sizes.

patterns for tweens

I’m actually not so crazy about how this plaid fabric looks as a dress, kind of makes me think of a nightgown.  So that is probably what it will become. (We definitely need a few more nightgowns anyway…)

I was also testing out the length of the flounce.  This version has a 2-inch flounce, which is what the tutorial will direct you to make, but I think a 3-inch flounce might be even better on larger sizes.

flounce sleeve peasant dress

Here it is without the belt – see what I mean about nightgown?  I think I will add a tutorial soon on how to add an elastic waistband to this dress.

flounce sleeve peasant dress tutorial

Learn how to make a flounce sleeve pattern to add to any top or dress  (Flounce sleeve peasant dress- how to add a flounce sleeve to any pattern.)

Now… On to the tutorial:

How to make a flounce sleeve pattern:

Supplies needed:

Step 1.  Print pattern and tape together.

Step 2.  Make sleeve adjustments.

  • A couple of things to consider…
  • Do you want a full, 3/4 or short sleeve top.
  • How long do you want the flounce to be?
  • In our case, we did a 3/4 sleeve and a 2-inch flounce.  Which is what today’s directions will reflect, but it is easy enough to figure out what changes to make for a different look/sleeve length.

Without cutting apart the sleeve, measure up from the 3/4 cut line 1.5 inches and mark that line.

Then measure down 2.75 inches and mark that line.


The rectangle you just drew is the starting point of the flounce pattern.  If you want your flounce longer, move the bottom line down a bit.  Cut the rectangle you drew from the bottom of the sleeve:

Step 3: Create the flounce pattern.

Cut strips into the bottom of your rectangle, 1/2 inch apart, all the way to the top of the rectangle. Just be careful to not cut all the way through.

Next, fan your cut strips out into a half circle, taping everything into place.

Use a pen to draw a pattern around the half circle.

Fold your half circle in half and cut it out.  (This will help make it symmetrical.)

You can do a quick test to measure your pattern to make sure it will fit (Measure the top of the half circle and the bottom of the sleeve and they should be the same.)

Step 4: Sew the flounce to the sleeve.

Line your flounce pattern up on the fold of the fabric.  Cut one side on the fold and the other side not on the fold. (You need the flounce to be an open strip – see 2nd photo below.)

Hem the bottom of the flounce if desired.  Hemming on a circle is tricky but can be done.  I love to use the Dritz Wash Away Wonder Tape for this type of application, makes it so easy.

Line up the edge of the flounce with the bottom edge of the sleeve, right sides together, pin and sew together with a 1/4 inch seam allowance.

Step 5: Continue sewing your dress/top as per the pattern instructions.

You are done – cute right?

how to make a flounce sleeve pattern

If you end up making one of these, please tag me on Instagram with #scatteredmompatterns or share a photo on my facebook page!

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  1. Hello. I do not see the line that is the 3/4 sleeve line. How long should the 3/4 sleeve be?

  2. email login says:

    Thank you so much for the tutorial! I’m looking for this flounce sleeve for my next project. The tutorial is very clear and easy to understand!

  3. Hi Jamie, I was wondering if it would be possible for you to create a flounce pattern sleeve for us to use on this pattern. I must be having a senior moment as I can’t seem to figure this out! Thanks!

    1. Great idea, I will add that to my list of future upgrades!

  4. Thank you so much for this updated dress!! I can’t wait to add the flounce sleeves…how cute! I’m having a difficult time piecing pg 5&6 together. Am I the only one having this problem? Please help. Thanks again.

      1. Thanks for your prompt reply Jamie. I’ll reprint and hope it fits this time around. Else I’ll reuse the old one for now =)

  5. HI just wanted to tell you that I am so grateful for your peasant dress pattern! I have been making a dress a week for charity for the last 18 months and many of them have been variations on your pattern. It’s been a godsend! Thanks for this one too, I’ll start adding flouces to sleeves for a change.

    1. The flounce sleeves are so much fun!

  6. Thank you for taking the time to enhance your already great pattern to include larger sizes. I have 5 granddaughters that I sew for and I have used your pattern over and over.

  7. Kat blacklock says:

    I love your peasant dress pattern, I use it for any dress / costume for my 3 year old..we have had a Minnie Mouse themed dress, an oriental dress, medieval princess, Christmas Angel, Halloween themed, I just amend the skirt shape and length to suite, and use different fabrics! Thank you for these patterns ??

  8. I ordered your free peasant dress pattern, but I can’t figure out how to print it. Will it be emailed to me to download? Or am I supposed to be able to print from the order or cart? I am not very savvy about downloading. Please help.

    1. no, you have to click the purple button on the checkout page, under download, that says “Peasant Dress Pattern (12 mo to 14 yr)” to download it to your computer. Thanks