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Border Print Peasant Dress for Spring (free pattern)

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Make this adorable Border Print Peasant Dress! It is the perfect sewing project for all your spring photos.

free peasant dress pattern

Spring has officially arrived, and if you live in Texas, you know what that means…

Bluebonnet pictures!

We do them every year, and I love putting my kids into something handmade. (As long as they’ll let me!)  

See pics from previous years here, here, here, and here. (Actually, more than one person has notified me that the last picture is being used in a Craigslist/care.com babysitting scam. So always do your due diligence when responding to ads- and never fall for the “can I have a wheelchair or anything else expensive delivered to your house” scam!)

Border print Peasant Dress

I’ve had this gorgeous border print fabric in my stash for a few years now.  I knew the border would be gorgeous on a dress or skirt.  

I only had 1.25 yards of this fabric.  I wasn’t sure the amount of fabric would be enough for a peasant dress.  But I definitely got lucky!  

Since the fabric was a border print, it was actually a bit wider than the average bolt, and with some creative pattern placement and cutting, I was able to squeak out a dress and a coordinating bow tie using my free bow tie pattern!

how to sew a peasant dress

While most of my photos came out looking like this: (What?  Mom’s got the camera pointed at us?  Time to act silly!)

I have to remember that ” I’m documenting their personalities…”  (Which can sometimes be difficult to remember when in the middle of picture-taking sessions.)

Stripey Yum Yum kept sneaking into all our shots, so I finally just had to take a break and get his photo shoot out of the way

This was a really good bluebonnet patch, right in the middle of town on an empty lot.  With the way our town is growing, my guess is it probably won’t be around for long.


Patterns used:
Free Peasant Dress Pattern
Boys Bow Tie Tutorial

She just would not quit trying to stick her hand in his shirt!

free girls dress pattern

Have you made one of these dresses yet?  They’re so easy to make and definitely something that can be whipped out in a short amount of time.  We’re moving up in sizes, so I will be adding a size 10 to this pattern very soon! *update – pattern now goes up to 14!

Like this project? Save it for later here –>>

I’d really like your opinion:  

When I update this pattern, it would be very easy to add the bottom half/skirt portion.  I never added it before because I felt like it was a huge waste of printer ink and paper and I never really needed it.  But, is a full length dress pattern something you would like to see?  Or should I just leave the pattern as is.  (Bodice portion with skirt measurements?  Let me know what you think in the comments, it would be very helpful to me…)

Want to know what else you can do with this pattern?  Check these tutorials out:


(When I update the pattern, I’m going to add this sleeve version)




(This on is my daughters fave.
I think she likes the belt.)



(She has been begging for another of these.
She loved the bell sleeves.)


Long sleeve version.


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  1. Mary Lou Austin says:

    I ordered the free p dress pattern but didn’t see it in emails and I did check the spam folder. I have a woman interested in a couple dresses for her granddaughters and would donate money to the Little dresses for Africa project our group is working on. Hope you have seen my order and can get it to me.
    Thanks, Mary Lou

    1. Jamie Sanders says:

      Hello, I can see that both patterns have been sent out. Perhaps AOL is blocking the email. You may need to try another email address.

  2. i’d like full length. so cute.

  3. 2justByou says:

    Such a cute spring dress! I pinned it. =0)