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27+ Free Modern Quilt Block Patterns That Are So Adorable You Will be Excited to Get Quilting!

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Do you love to quilt?  Here are 27+ adorable and free Quilt Block Patterns for your next quilt project!

Free Quilt Block Patterns

Free Quilt Block Patterns

Have you been putting together simple quilts with precuts and feel ready to move on to the next level of quilting?  If so, I have gathered 27 adorable free quilt block patterns and tutorials that are so cute, you won’t be able to stop your self from picking one out and heading straight to your scrap bin to choose fabrics and get started!

A quilt block is a smaller block of fabric that is made in a variety of patterns.  A block can be as basic as a single piece of fabric cut into a square or a block that has been pieced together with several fabrics into a design.  You can then put the blocks together to make a large quilt or just finish the block with a pretty border to make a smaller wall hanging.  (I love the idea of using one quilt block pattern, sewing it 3 times in different colorways, and framing it as art for a craft room wall.)

I’m having a hard time choosing a favorite quilt block from this list.  It’s really a toss-up between the cat block, the popsicle party block, the pineapple block, and maybe the Butterfly block with the buttons.  (The butterfly block would be extremely cute as a set of 3 wall hangings in a little girl’s room!

Let me know which is your favorite in the Comment section below!

27+ Free Quilt Block Patterns

Apple Quilt Blockapple quilt block


Christmas Tree Quilt Blockchristmas tree quilt block tutorial


Popsicle Party blockpopsicle quilt block


Christmas Present Quilt Block


Patchwork Orangeorange quilt block


Mod Melons Free Quiltwatermelon quilt block


Pineapple Blockpineapple quilt block


Cherry Blockcherry quilt block


Pear Quilt Blockpear quilt block


Strawberry Blockstrawberry quilt block


Watermelon Quilt blockwatermelon quilt blocck

Pumpkin Quilt BlockPumpkin quilt block


Scrappy Heart Blockheart quilt block pattern


12-Inch Heart Blockheart quilt block


Acorn Quilt Block

free acorn quilt block pattern

Retro Spoolsspool quilt block


Hot Chocolate Block (there are a couple of different blocks available)hot chocolate quilt block


Happy Campers Quilt Block from Pink Simplicity

camper quilt block


Cat Blockcat quilt block


Butterfly Quilt Blockbutterfly quilt block


Scrappy Bearsbear quilt block

Preppy Dogsdog quilt block


Patchwork Bird Blockbird quilt block


Hexagon Flowerflower quilt block


Bunny Applique Blocksbunny quilt block


Easter Egg Blockeaster egg block


Tulip Blocktulip quilt block


Butterfly Blockbutterfly block


Christmas Tree Quilt Blockchristmas tree block


It took me quite a while to compose this list of free quilt block tutorials.  One thing I found in my research was there are two quilt block books available for purchase that have the most adorable quilt block tutorials imaginable.  I did a lot of searching around on Pinterest and Google for these free quilt blocks and I kept running into blocks made from the patterns from these books (people were sharing their creations and I began to recognize the patterns, lol!)

If you don’t mind paying for patterns they really are worth a look and would also make the best gifts!   These 2 had some of the best quilt block patterns: The Patchsmith’s Sampler Blocks: 50 Fun Quilt Blocks to Patch and Applique and Farm Girl Vintage Book.

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  1. Betty Hagewood says:

    Do you have a website to see all your work on a computer?

  2. Patty Jennett says:

    Love these quilts really love the heart

  3. Jennifer Kowalski says:

    I tried to view the scrappy bears – they are awesome and I just got my 1st grandbaby – I would like to put these on all kinds of stuff for him however, it states that it is not active. I tried the watermelon & it was fine but the bears BooHoo!! – couldn’t get them.

  4. Rochelle Cairns says:

    I love viewing all your beautiful patterns. I am new to patchwork and would love to make my nearly 6yr old grand-daughter a quilt for her birthday. I love the butterfly pattern but can not seem to download it.
    I am sure, once I complete my first quilt I will be hooked. I have 2 grandsons aged 2yrs and 9yrs so would love to make them one each also.
    I have read that you can make “photo” quilts but am unsure how this is done.
    Keep up the amazing work.

    Rochelle (NZ)

  5. Is 3,25 the same as 3 1/4?

  6. Teresa Brause says:

    Thank you for all the patterns. I am president of a quilt guild and will share your site. Too often “us older ones” forget to have patterns for beginners. Some of these will work perfect! I love the Vintage Farm Girl!!! Perfect challenge!

  7. Glenda Hyde says:

    Hey Jamie ! Love them all & it`s a tuf decision to pick a favorite ! I purchased the Vintage Farm Girl a while back with hopes of starting soon , When i get better ! Thank you so much for sharing !

  8. I haven’t yet downloaded any. But I’m sooo excited to see these are free. I’ve been looking for some patterns for my mother in law to use with her 6 granddaughters. They camp out every summer and do a project. She also sews dresses for them. The project this year is paper piecing with the leftover fabric from the dresses. Such cute patterns. Again, thank you for making them free.

  9. I love these! What a great collection of blocks.
    Just so readers know, ‘the cat block’ is not actually a tutorial to make that cat block. The link simply gives a tutorial to make the pillow, but the sewist needs to have purchased the cat quilt pattern designed by Elizabeth Hartman in order to have the instructions to make the cat block itself.
    (I hope that makes sense!)

  10. Cathy Babcock says:

    I like the pineapple one better, but the next best is the scrappy bears!

    1. Linda Boisvert says:

      I love the Hexagon flower.

  11. Marty Lawler says:

    I can’t choose a favorite! I love them all. Thank you for all the fun!