Strawberry Spritzer Recipe for Mother’s Day

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Today, I’m sharing how I made this yummy Strawberry Spritzer!  (Recipe includes a alcohol and non alcoholic version.)

We’ve had a couple of late season cold fronts in the last week or so, but I think we’ve finally turned the corner for warmer weather.  Unfortunately around here, we tend to skip spring and go straight to summer!  There are only four weeks of school left and I can tell the kids are getting antsy for summer vacation and all of the fun things we have planned.

When it comes to snacking, I do my best to give my kids minimally processed and healthy foods, but sometimes we all need a special treat… I recently picked up a box of Chunks O’ Fruti  Frozen Fruit Bars in the variety pack. from Sam’s Club.  Have you tried these yet?  They are so yummy!

My little missy gave them the official taste test:

And gave them a thumbs up!  (Even though her thumb appears to be missing…)

She tried the strawberry flavor, check out the chunks of real fruit.  I tried the pina colada, it was so good!

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, I was inspired to make a drink that would be perfect for a Mother’s Day Brunch.  I made an alcoholic and nonalcoholic version so everyone could enjoy it.  The best part is that this recipe is pretty much interchangeable with almost anything you have on hand! You can use a frozen fruit bar or frozen fruit (sweetened or unsweetened- whichever your tastes buds prefer!)

Strawberry Spritzer for Mother's Day (Using 100% natural #FreshNFruti frozen fruit bars)

Strawberry Spritzer 
(alcohol version)

Ingredients (serves 2)
your favorite sparkling wine or champagne (chilled)
seltzer water
1/2 cup frozen fruit or a frozen fruit strawberry bar
3 strawberries for garnish

(Non Alcoholic version)
Ingredients (serves 2)
Strawberry Lemonade
seltzer water (I found a carbonated strawberry lemonade at Sam’s and just used that)
1/2 cup frozen fruit or a frozen fruit strawberry bar
3 strawberries for garnish

Instructions.  (They are the same for both recipes, just use either the sparkling wine or strawberry lemonade)

1.  Gather your ingredients:

Strawberry Spritzer for Mother's Day (Made with Chunks O' Fruti frozen fruit bars) #FreshNFruti

2.  Chop the fruit bar and 1 strawberry into chunks.

3.  Divide the diced strawberry and frozen fruit bar between the 2 glasses.  Add equal parts seltzer water and either sparkling wine or strawberry lemonade (depending on which version you are making)

4.  Garnish with a strawberry and enjoy!

Strawberry Spritzer for Mother's Day

This post was sponsored by Collective Bias® and Fruti, but all opinions, photos and recipe is 100% mine!

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  1. Heather SettingforFour says:

    This looks so refreshing! Thanks for sharingn your recipe at Project Inspired! Hope to see you at tonight's party 8 pm EST!