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Girl’s A-line Pullover Dress, Free Pattern size (4 to 10)

I have a new girls sewing pattern to share with you today!  A simple Girl’s A-line Pullover Dress, designed to be sewn with knit fabric, available for download in girl’s sizes 4 to 10.

free a-line dress pattern

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A-line Pullover Dress Pattern

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Do you remember the cute little A-line dress I showed off in our Back to School pictures a few weeks back?  I finally finished the multi-sized pattern to share with you today.

This sweet and simple knit dress is an easy sew. No troublesome bindings, buttons or zippers! The dress is designed to slip over your little ones head and shoulders with ease. It even has pockets!

A-line Dress Pattern Details

This A-line Pullover Dress pattern comes in girl’s sizes 4 to 10. The dress pattern has a wide boat neck shaped neckline, above the knee length (which of course, you can always shorten or lengthen to your individual child) and pockets.

The sleeves are dolman style (so no set in sleeves) and the neckline is made with a very simple facing.

I consider the skill level needed for this pattern to be “advanced beginner” mostly due to the fact you will be working with knit fabrics, otherwise it is a fairly easy sew!

A-line dress pattern, free

Fabric Recommendations for this Knit A-line Dress

I recommend fabrics such as medium weight french terry, or other medium weight knits that don’t have too much stretch.

In this version, I used a lightweight french terry fabric I found online (and on sale) at Funkalicious Fabrics (now sold out).  My missy loved the graffiti look of the fabric, but it definitely did not photograph as well as the chevron print did –  oh well.  (Instructions for the infinity scarf are here, boots here.)

The striped version was made from some sort of medium weight polyester-ponte-type knit fabric.

pdf a-line dress pattern

Girls A-line Pullover Dress Sewing Instructions

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A-line Dress Pattern Tips

  • When printing the free pattern, first download the pattern to your pc, then open in adobe reader choose auto/landscape and print at actual size.)
  • Seam allowances are included and are .25 inches unless otherwise specified.
  • Hem allowance is .5 inches
  • (pattern link is found under materials needed)

Tips for sewing with knits:

  • Use a ballpoint/stretch needle
  • Sew seams with either a serger, stretch stitch, narrow zig zag with a long stitch length or a straight stitch with a long stitch length and a slightly loosened tension. (Make a couple of practice stitches on your fabric to see what works best.) I also like to use this “lightning bolt” stretch stitch on seams that need strength but a little give. (I used it when attaching the skirt to the waistband).
  • Sew hems with a zig zag, twin ball point needle, narrow zig zag with a long stitch length or a straight stitch with a long stitch length and a slightly loosened tension or leave raw. (also helps to use a walking foot.)
  • If you find your fabric keeps getting pulled inside the needle plate, place a small piece of tissue underneath the fabric so the feed dogs have something to grip.

Materials needed to make the dress:

  • Pattern (add the pattern to your cart and check out, it’s free and a download link will be emailed to you.)
  • Up to 1 yard of 59 inch wide knit fabric (Though you will be cutting it close for a 10, so take care to not waste fabric.)
  • Iron on interfacing (optional – you may want to use interfacing if using thin fabric. I did not need it for either dress.)
  • Basic Sewing supplies

Products used and recommended in this post:

  1. My favorite fabric shop for knits:  Funkalicious and Girl Charlee.
  2. My Sewing Machine: SINGER 9960 Quantum Stylist, my coverstitch: Janome Cover Pro 1000cpx
  3. My Serger: Brother 1034D 3 or 4 Thread Serger or you can just use Pinking Shears
  4. Rotary Cutter
  5. I love my large ruler and large cutting mat, but you may prefer to start of with a smaller Cutting set
  6. Dritz Dual Purpose Marking Pen and Fray Check
  7. Ball Point needles
  8. Singer walking foot or universal walking foot
  9. Wonder clips (I didn’t use these in the post, but they are just awesome!

Pattern tips and instructions:

  • Download pattern and save to your PC.  Open the pdf document in adobe acrobat. Don’t print from google’s online version of adobe. (It will sometimes cause the pattern to print to small.)
  • Seam allowance is 1/4 inch with a 1/2 inch bottom hem.

Fit info:

Size 4:   Height-  41.5 inches,  Weight-  36 lbs,  Dress length:  22.1
Size 5:   Height-  44.5 inches,  Weight-  42 lbs, Dress length: 24.2
Size 6:   Height-  46.5 inches,  Weight- 48 lbs, Dress length:  26.2
Size 7:   Height-  51 inches,  Weight- 60 lbs, Dress length:   27.6
Size 8:   Height-  53 inches,  Weight- 66 lbs, Dress length:   28.8
Size 10: Height-  55 inches,  Weight- 74 lbs, Dress length:  30.25

free A-line dress pattern

A-line Dress Sewing Instructions:

Step 1:  Print and Assemble pattern, cut out pattern pieces.

Save pattern to your desktop, open in adobe.  Set to print actual size and print pattern.  Align the gray boxes, edge to edge (don’t overlap) matching up colored circles. Tape pattern together and cut out size needed.  Transfer the pocket placement marks with a disappearing ink marker or pins.

free a-line dress pattern


  • 1 Front dress piece  (on fold) and 1 back dress piece (on fold.)  Don’t forget to transfer the pocket placement markings.
  • 1 Front facing piece (on fold) and 1 back facing piece (on fold.) (If your fabric is thin, apply iron- on interfacing to the back of the facing fabric before cutting.)
  • 2 arm binding pieces
  • 4 pockets.  (Fold fabric in half and cut 2 pockets at a time  This will ensure your pocket pieces will be facing the correct way.)

Step 2:  Assemble the dress.

Line up the facing and dress pieces, right sides together and sew shoulder seams.  (Indicated in blue.)

Line facing up to to dress along neckline.  Pin and sew using a 1/4 inch seam allowance.

Cut v-shaped notches into seam allowance so the neckline will sit flat.  Be careful to not cut into the seam!

Flip facing around and press.  Topstitch around neckline.

Fold sleeve binding in half and line up raw edges with the sleeve edge.  The binding will be a few inches longer that the sleeve.  Line the binding up so the extra fabric is equal on both sides.

Sew the binding to the sleeve using a 1/4 inch seam allowance.

Flip the binding into place, press and topstitch.  Repeat for the other sleeve.

Step 3:  Adding the pockets and sewing the side seams.

Line up the pocket piece with the side of the dress at pocket placement marks.  (Placement shown in photo below.)

Sew the pocket in place, using a scant 1/4 inch seam allowance.

Repeat for the other 3 pockets.

Flip pocket over and press seam well.

Line the dress sides up, folding the sleeve binding in toward dress as show in photo below.(Because the sleeve binding is folded in the finished dress, tucking the binding in helps keep it in place.)  You could choose to leave it out to give the sleeve a different look.

Sew along the side of the dress using a 1/4 inch seam allowance.  follow down the side and around the edge of the pocket as shown with the blue arrows above.  Make sure both ends of the binding are completely sewn into the seam.   Repeat for other side.

Trim excess binding.  Repeat for other side.

Flip dress right side out and fold the binding over.  Press and tack the folded edge in place.
Tack the facing down at shoulder seam as well.  (It’s impossible to see the tack marks in these photos, but I circled them for you below.)  Repeat for other side.

Top stitch along the edge of the pocket, on all four sides.

Fold bottom edge, press and hem.  (1/2 inch is included in pattern for hem allowance.


That’s it, you are done!

easy girls dress pattern, free

Now have your little one try it on and pose for some pictures!

free dress pattern

If you make one of these dresses, be sure to come back and share a picture on my Facebook page or tag me on instagram!

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  1. How do I down load this pattern please

    1. Click the “pattern” link under materials needed.
      Click the “Add to cart” button then click checkout.
      Follow the instructions to check out.
      You will be redirected to a thank you page that has a pink button that says “download the pattern.”
      You will also get a copy sent to your email.

  2. I’d love to make this but I can’t work out how to “add it to my cart”. I’m sure I’m just being dumb

  3. I made this dress last night for my 3 year old. It turned out great and I consider myself a novice sewer. It was super easy to follow and she LOVES the pockets. I did use a different type of fabric b/c I used Curious George fabric and they didn’t have it in a knit. I made the dress a size up to make up for the fact that I wasn’t stretchy material and I had to make the head hole just a bit bigger but it worked good. I’m excited to make the dress again but for my 8 year old and I do have knit fabric for it. Thank you!

  4. Hi Jaime, No matter what I do, I cannot save this as a pdf. It insists on being a jpg and will only show up on my computer as a single page jpg of the entire pattern just as it looks on your blog. I am working on a Mac, which shouldn’t make any difference, but any help you can offer would be appreciated. My granddaughters need this dress! Thanks for creating it.


  5. The dresses I made from this pattern are my daughter’s favorites. She has three now and still wants more because they are so comfortable! On one I made a little chest pocket instead and on another little front pockets. She is only a size 7 so I can still make them for her for a couple more years. ?

  6. I was looking for a pattern for my daughter. I’ve added a collar to this one and after having found the right fabric, I’m thrilled with the results! Happy to send a picture 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

    1. Love that! I have a face book page you can share your pics on or you can message me there to keep your photos more private.

  7. So cute! Do you have the measurements if I want to make this dress in a size 18 months?

  8. I would love to have this pattern in adult sizes but a little fuller more like a swing dress. Any tips on how to create that, or a chance that you might create one for us…pleaase.

  9. Lucky me I dіscovered your blog by
    accident (stumbleupon). I’ve book-marked it for later!

  10. I made 2 of these dresses for my daughter, she loves them. I loved that it was so simple to sew! Is there any chance you have this pattern for adult sizes, I would love to have 1 of these dresses for myself too!

  11. Any chance you have a pattern for this gorgeous dress in adult sizes??!

  12. I am excited to create this with some modifications. I will be making “Santa’s Elf” tunics using this pattern for each of my grand daughters. I really appreciate the pattern and look forward to using it. Thank you very much.

    1. I forgot I wanted to ask is it possible to increase the size to a 14? Thank you again,


  13. I LOVE THESE! Thanks so much for sharing! Paramore is actually one of my favorite bands! They have a song with lyrics that say “That’s what you get when you let your heart win”. Where do you get your fabrics? They are all so beautiful!

    1. Thanks! I believe this one came from funalicious fabrics on etsy, but I get my stuff from all over., girl charlee etsyy…

  14. Maybe I missed it, but is there somewhere that says how much fabric is needed for each size?

    1. Currently, this is the only info provided:
      Materials needed:

      • Pattern
      • Up to 1 yard of 59 inch wide knit fabric (Though you will be cutting it close for a 10.)
      • Iron on interfacing (optional – you may want to use interfacing if using thin fabric. I did not need it for either dress.)
      • Basic Sewing supplies
  15. I am so excited to be making this pattern! I am making one for my daughter who wears a 5t. And my husbands little sister who wears a 6/7. How much fabric should I need approximately for each pattern?

  16. I’d like to share photos of the dress I made for my daughter with thus pattern. How can I share for your site?

  17. I did not receive that A-line dress email after seeing the online confirmation that I should see the email. It has been over an hour.

    1. I tried to forward it to you, but if you don’t get it, it is because all is blocking the encrypted link. The only solution for that is to use a different email address.

      1. Got it, Jamie. It just took over an hour. Thanks for your help!

  18. I purchased one yard of fabric to make a dress but due to the way the fabric stretches there isn’t enough material to cut the back on the fold. Could I cut 2 single pieces for the back and then stitch them together (adding extra for the seam)? I really love the pattern and bought two different fabrics for my 2 granddaughters. This will be my first time sewing with knit so I’m very unsure of myself. I did this modification with a another pattern (sewn in cotton) and sewed the back seam as a French seam which worked out great. Scared of knit!

    1. Yes, I’m sure that will be fine. I heard somewhere that a seam down the middle makes a dress/top hang better. (I’m going to test that theory in a dress for me very soon.

      1. I need to make 9 dresses of these for our Tumbling Recital and after I bought the material I learned that it’s not possible to get all the pattern pieces on the material if I go by stretch. If it’s a 4 way stretch can I do the arm piece anyway I desire. It doesn’t fit doing across the stretch.

  19. Hey there. I hacked your pattern to make a size 2 dress for my baby but I couldn’t do the neckline right so ended up putting a neckband on. I’d be happy to test out a size 3 for you, although it wouldn’t fit her for a while, I have a friend who’s daughter it would fit.

  20. Thanks so much for the free pattern. I am a beginner seamstress, and I just got a serger for Christmas, so I’m trying to learn new tricks. This was my first big project on knit fabric. It went pretty well, but I had a really hard time top stitching around the pocket (with my regular machine, of course, not the serger.) Any tips to make that easier?

    Also, I hate the look of a zigzag hem. What did you use?

      1. I am trying to figure out how to get the pattern of the shift dress that you pullover the head. I sew for missions and that looks like it would be quick and easy. NO ZIPPER, NO BUTTONS AND A LITTLE BIT OF A SLEEVE CAP IS PERFECT

  21. Hi!
    Thank you for the pattern as well. Now, I cutted the pattern to the best that I could …would it be possible please for you to send me a picture of the pattern once that it is all cut up and glued or tape together….Many thanks again.

  22. Do you think I could turn this into a long sleeve dress?

  23. I’m not sure if you’re still looking for a pattern tester for size 3 but I would be very happy to do it if you are.
    Thanks very much for this pattern and for offering it for free.

  24. I try your pattern and it was very easy for me (I haven’t sew the pockets) as a french mum who learns sewing with a machine and my daughter is very happy with it ! … she would like now another dress with sleeves … can you advise me some dimensions for sleeves with this pattern ?

  25. I wish this was a layered pattern as I have trouble cutting the patterns out using the color coded lines…easier to just print what size I need only…but…I’m always up for a challenge. My daughter has been asking me to make her a dress and this one looks PERFECT! I can’t wait to give it a try.

    Thank you for your contribution to the sewing community, your talent is appreciated!


  26. Did you every find a size 3 tester? My daughter is tall and thin and I would love to make this for her, but the size 4 seems like it would be too big yet.

    1. I never did follow through- I just kind of lost steam on this. The 4 would most likely be too wide, though you could try comparing a dress that fits and trimming and inch or so from the center seam.

  27. Love this pattern. My Granddaughter would probably be a size 10 as she is 10, but she doesn't weigh 74 pounds, she weighs 57 pounds, would i still make the size 10 or the next one down?

  28. I love this pattern! Thanks for making it free for us too yet. I have just one question though. If I want to lengthen it, where would I add the length? Just to the bottom or somewhere in the middle?

  29. Thank you, i am going to give this a go. My daughter is 10 now. So scared I won't be sewing for her much longer. 🙁

    1. They come back when the get older and say hey mom I saw this really cute dress but I can’t pay $50 for it I know you could make it.

  30. I just found your website, stumbled upon it by accident and I love it!!! I already saved one page link to my home screen so I can find it fast. Thank you for all the beautiful patterns! I would love to help you test some if you need any in 12 month size 🙂 thanks again,

  31. I love this, my little girl is all grown up now but I'm thinking this would be easy enough to scale my size! Your instructions are so clear and that fabric is just gorgeous.

    1. The file is a PDF document. You don't have to subscribe to adobe to use their free reader. I can't guarantee the you are printing at the right size unless you are using the adobe reader.

    1. Don't be embarrassed, many patterns can be sewn in both wovens or knits. However, with this pattern, I don't think there is enough room in the arm area to be able to pull the dress over the shoulders. One solution would be to add a couple of inches on the back pattern piece, spit it apart down the middle and create a button placket along the top half and then resew the bottom together.

      1. I used this pattern to make my 8 year old a dress for Valentine’s day. She loves it so much she asked for it in more colors! I don’t have fb/ig though. She is now a fan of your patterns and downloaded a bunch and insists that we go fabric shopping this weekend. Thank you!!!

  32. Hehe, I'd test for you but my husband has put a strict boys only wear boy clothes. So my little boy is out! What a cute pattern. My girls will love it!

    1. If you were looking for a size 2 model, I'd give it a shot. My little girl is only 2 though, and wears a 24 mos/2T. A size 3 would be big!

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