How to Make a DIY Fabric Gift Basket (perfect for Mother’s Day!)

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How to make a Fabric Basket: This DIY Fabric Gift Basket Tutorial can be customized to your gift/theme and is perfect for dressing up any gift basket!

Fabric Gift Basket Tutorial

May is here, which means Mother’s Day is just around the corner!

Are you putting a gift basket together for Mom this year?  If so, I’ve got a great DIY Fabric Gift Basket tutorial to share that will dress up any gift basket!  Thank you to eos for partnering with me on this post!

I love Mother’s day, don’t you?  

All moms deserve a bit of pampering for Mother’s Day, so this year I decided to put together a little something for all the Moms in the family.  One of my favorite gifts to give for this type of occasion is gift baskets.

Gift Baskets are a great gift option for when you need to put together multiple items or want to personalize the gift for a specific recipient or theme. Plus I just love being able to pick and choose my favorite goodies to include.

How to make a Fabric Basket: This DIY Fabric Gift Basket tutorial can be customized to your gift/theme and is perfect for dressing up any gift basket!

Since this gift basket is for Mother’s Day, I went with the theme of “pampering” and selected just a few of my favorite at-home pampering and beauty products to give.  I especially love the eos line of lip balms and lotions, and I wanted to make sure to include a few items from their Limited Edition Spring Packs in my basket.

To round out the basket, I included a few other pampering products in coordinating, brightly colored packaging. 

How to make a Fabric Basket: This DIY Fabric Gift Basket tutorial can be customized to your gift/theme and is perfect for dressing up any gift basket!

Are You Ready to Sew Your Own Fabric Gift Basket?

These little fabric baskets can be sewn to any size and with any fabric to fit your gift or theme.  The best news about this project is that you can whip several of these out in less than 30 minutes.  (And even less time if you use store bought bias tape!)


Fabric Gift Basket Pattern Sewing Tips:  

  • use a .25 inch seam allowance
  • If you want these baskets to be truly reusable, I recommend using a heavy weight iron on interfacing. (Just iron it to the back of the lining piece.)

Materials Needed for the Fabric Basket:

  • Coordinating fabric (this basket uses fabric cuts that measure 27 inches (w) by 9 inches (h))
  • bias tape
  • optional heavy weight iron on interfacing
  • iron
  • disappearing ink marker
  • basic sewing supplies


DIY Fabric Gift Basket Sewing Instructions


Step 1: Cut out fabric.

(Optional step 1a:  Cut a piece of heavy weight interfacing to 27 inches (w) by 9 inches (h) and iron to the back of your lining fabric.)

Cut two pieces of fabric 27 inches (w) by 9 inches (h)

If making your own bias tape, cut one strip 28 inches (w) by 1.75 inches (h)

how to make a fabric basket


Step 2: Sew fabric basket together.

Fold outer fabric piece in half (as shown below) and sew together along the side and bottom, using a 1/4 seam allowance.  Trim seam allowance 1/8 inch.  Repeat on lining piece.

how to make a fabric basket

Step 3: Creating the boxed corners.

Fold fabric basket as shown below.  Use a ruler and measure down 2 inches from the top point.  Draw a line with a disappearing ink marker.  Repeat on other side.

how to make a fabric basket

Sew along the lines you drew.

how to make a fabric basket

Trim off excess fabric.

Check out your awesome boxed corner:

how to make a fabric basket

Repeat step 3 on lining piece.

Step 4.  Putting the basket together.

Insert lining piece into the outer fabric basket piece, so the design is facing up.

how to make a fabric basket

Sew a basting stitch along the top of the pieces to hold everything in place.

Step 5: Adding binding to the top of the basket.

Want to make your own binding?  Follow these directions to make your own ==> Easy binding for fabric basket.

Open binding strip.

Line up raw edge of binding along raw edge of the basket.  (You can also use the “sandwich technique if desired, I find this way makes for a neater application.)

how to make a fabric basket

Fold beginning edge of binding over and pin in place.

Sew the binding in place, right above the 1st crease.

Flip binding around edge and pin in place.

how to make a fabric basket

Sew along the bottom of the binding, taking care to catch both sides in the stitches.

You are done.  How gorgeous is that basket!!!

how to make a fabric basket

Now fill your basket full of your favorite eos lip balms, lotions and other pampering goodies for mom!

How to make a Fabric Basket: This DIY Fabric Gift Basket tutorial can be customized to your gift/theme and is perfect for dressing up any gift basket!

As always, if you make one of these gift baskets, be sure to come back and share a picture on my facebook page or tag me on Instagram with #scatteredmompatterns!

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  1. Cynthia Mobbs says:

    Are these fabric baskets washable?

  2. Hi!
    Do you have a free printable pattern? Please. Thank you.

    1. Jamie Sanders says:

      I believe that tutorial is just a set of dimensions for you to cut out. No actual pattern since it is all rectangles.

  3. This is adorable, what a nice project. Thank you for sharing! And your fabric choice is so cheerful.

  4. This is such a great Mother’s Day idea!!

  5. Cute but what is the finished size of the basket? Thanks

    1. 4 by 9 by 5 inches tall.

  6. Samantha @MyKitchenLove says:

    What a cute and thoughtful gift for mom! Those spring products are great for pampering.

  7. I cannot figure out how you folded the fabric for step 3. Can you either explain it or show pictures illustrating your folds?

    Super cute idea!

    1. I’ll make a little video and paste the link here. (doing it now)

  8. I love the idea! This is such a wonderful gift to give for Mother’s Day!

  9. This is awesome, I also love making things myself and I must say I have to try this one out too!!

  10. Angela, Blue i Style says:

    I love eos and the idea of gifting is a handmade fabric basket adds such a personal touch! Love the fabrics!

  11. Healing Tomato says:

    Oh my! I am a huge fan of all EOS products. The purple lip balm is my favorite

  12. christine says:

    Cute idea way to present a gift. I didn’t even know EOS made anything other than lip balm. I’ll have to try these other things!

  13. My daughter is trying to teach herself how to sew. Going to give her this post as an idea and see if she can do it on her own!

  14. Saidah Washington says:

    I love the fabric combinations on this project. My mother in law would love a gift like this.