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How to Make a Raccoon “Resistant” Bird Feeder Stand

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Raccoons are smart… But are we smarter?  Only time will tell if our new “Raccoon Resistant” bird feeder stand will actually keep the raccoons out!

How to make a Raccoon "Resistant" Bird Feeder stand.

How to Make a Raccoon “Resistant” Bird Feeder Stand

I’m willing to bet that almost every homeowner at one point or another has had to deal with raccoons. They can be sneaky little suckers… With those little fingers, they can get into just about anything!

We have all sorts of wildlife around our house: deer, raccoons, foxes and even hogs. Yuck!

In the past, the raccoons hadn’t bothered us too much other than getting into full bags of birdseed or bags of garbage on the occasion we accidentally left the garage door open overnight.  One time, they even tore open a big cardboard box full of individual oatmeal packets from Sam’s. Not flimsy cardboard, but a heavy-duty box! (Check out this baby that got locked INSIDE our garage one night.)

There are so many birds around, we like to keep our bird feeder full of seed.  This summer those rascally raccoons figured out how to get to the seed hanging from the pole!  You have to watch this video I uploaded to youtube, showing how the raccoons were getting the seed.  (It’s not the best quality, I was recording (with my phone) as the video replayed on our wildlife camera, but you can clearly see what they are doing!)

Can you believe that?  The raccoons did this a couple of times.  You can see in the video where we tried to reinforce the bottom of the pole.

We brainstormed and tried a couple of different things.  Finally, my hubby put together this new stand using a few things from the hardware store.  We hoped maybe a taller, wider pole would make it more difficult for the raccoons to climb since they would not be able to wrap their fingers around the pole.

It’s been almost 3 months and so far, so good…  We are keeping our fingers crossed!

Here is how we put the raccoon resistant bird feeder stand together.

Materials used:

  • 3-inch wide piece of electrical PVC conduit (as long as you want your pole to be.)
  • 5 36-inch iron stakes found in the rebar section.
  • Drill
  • Sledgehammer/mallet
  • Manly muscles.
  • Spray paint (if desired)


Cut the PVC pipe to desired height.

Drill 2 holes on each side of the pipe, using a drill bit that is the same size as the stake.  (You might want to use a ruler or level to help get them even,)

Repeat, drilling 2 more holes for the second stake.

how to make a raccoon resistant bird feeder

Use the edge of the PVC pipe to mark on the ground where the pole will be (and the pole circumference.)

Use the mallet/sledgehammer and drive 3 of the stakes halfway into the ground in a triangular pattern just inside the mark you made with the PVC pipe.  (See diagram below)  Do your best to keep the stakes straight.

Slip the PVC pipe over the stakes.

Add the last two stakes to the holes a the top of the PVC pole.  (Shim with a small piece of wood if needed to make them level.  (we used toothpicks.)

Paint if desired.

Add your bird feeders and enjoy.

Now, what about you?  Do you have any wildlife deterrent tips to share?  Leave a comment below!


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