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Don’t forget about the Boys! (How to make 2 scarves in 10 minutes)

This 5 minute Scarf Tutorial is a great quick and easy sewing project.  The scarf is perfect for both boys and girls!

This 5 minute Scarf Tutorial is a great quick and easy sewing project. The scarf is perfect for both boys and girls!

I love sewing things for my daughter, and I actually feel a bit guilty that I don’t sew more for my son too.  He’s still young enough to be willing to wear something I made and participate in getting his photo taken.  It can just be so difficult to come up with fun (and simple) projects a 10 year old would like.  (See a few things I’ve made for him  here.)

I do try to include him in some of the photo sessions the lil’ Missy does, but when you put those two together- they bicker like crazy!  Almost every shot is unuseable because someone is frowning, has a dirty look on there face or is crying.  No matter how much I pay or what I offer- they just can’t seem to go more than a few minutes without one annoying the other.  Even more amazing is that they can even annoy each other with just their eyes!  (Luckily, I m a pro at head swapping in photos.)

Anyway…  Back to the subject of these scarves.  It’s been darn cold in the mornings lately and I feel bad sending my guys out to wait for the bus.  I bundle them up as much as I can, and I realized recently, my son does not have any scarves to keep his little neck warm!

I knew I could remedy that in a flash and it would also give us a chance for a little one on one photo time.

How to sew a scarf.

I ended up making 2 scarves.  One from a bit of fleece in my stash and one from a ribbed pullover from my hubbys recycle pile.  (We recently went through his closet and discarded about 25 sweaters and tops that looked like a tent on him.  They are destined for the Salvation Army, but I might need to save a few for me, ha ha!)

These scarves took all of 5 minutes to make!

boy's scarves


Click here for the scarf instructions.

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