How to UnMonday Someone’s Monday!

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I’m partnering with Einstein Bros. Bagels® today to help UNMONDAY your Monday!

Monday is the worst day of the week... Find out the best way to UnMonday your Monday!

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Do you have an Einstein Bros. Bagels® near you?  If so, you need to run over and grab their Bakers Dozen Bagel Box!  A surprise box of bagels is the perfect way to UnMonday someone’s Monday!

One of my goals of this new year has been to get to the gym more often.  I hate to say it, but I really do not like going to the gym!  Truly- if it were not for my hubby dragging me there twice a week, I probably would have quit already.

The best time for me to go is right after I’ve gotten the kids off to a school, which is very early.  My husband’s schedule is a bit different from mine.  He leaves for work around 9 and gets home between around 7.  Which technically means he could sleep till 8 am.  (He also stays up later.)  

Over the last month, he has been getting up before 7am, brewing coffee and making sure I get to the gym on time.  (He actually has been coming with me even though his preferred workout time is during lunch.)

I wanted to do something special for him to show my appreciation for him dragging me and my not so peppy morning personality to the gym. When I found out about this awesome Bagel Box at Einstein Bros. Bagels®, I knew the perfect way to surprise him, would be to show up at his office with a delicious selection of bagels and Shmears.

Monday is the worst day of the week... Find out the best way to UnMonday your Monday!

He was definitely surprised and very happy to sample all the goodies I brought him- he told me it made his morning!  (And the rest of the office too. lol!)

How about it?  Are you ready to UNMonday someone’s Monday?

It’s your turn!  Who’s Monday would you UnMonday with a box of bagels?  Sound off in the comments below…


True story:  When I grabbed this box of bagels last Monday, my parents happened to be in town visiting and my Dad came along for the ride.  He’s a true bagel lover and was pumped about this deal as they have an Einstein Bagels right down the road from their house in the Houston area.

I just got off the phone with him (It’s Monday and I was of course, on my way home from the gym, lol…)

He told me he had already been to the bagel store this morning and got his Bagel Box.

I was in a hurry last week and just did the grab and go, but my Dad took the time to go in and choose his 13 bagels. He chatted up the clerks behind the counter and let me know, he was very impressed with how nice they were and all about the awesome bagel slicing machine they have.  

So definitely let them slice your bagel if you have time!


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  1. EZPZ Mealz says:

    I could go for an un-monday-ing right about now. Plus…bagels and schmear. Yum!

  2. Cathy Mini says:

    I would probably want to "UnMonday" my best friend with a box of bagels! She is dealing with a lot of personal stuff right now, and I'd love to bring her something to make her smile and brighten her day!

  3. Matthew Ivan says:

    I got over not liking the gym and actually enjoy now. These bagels would make a great reward for hard work at the gym!

  4. Camila Rojas says:

    That is such a thoughtful idea. It's always so nice to surprise the people we love with the things they enjoy the most. Taking breakfast to your Hub is so lovely and it definitely unmonday anyone's Monday! This is such a great idea to keep in mind!

  5. Jamie Sherman says:

    I absolutely love the idea of UnMondaying someone's Monday!! What a fun idea and surprise for someone – and at a great price!

  6. Monday or not, I just want some of those bagels! It's soooo hard to find a decent bagel here in Lima, there are a couple of people who make them but they really aren't quite the same as US bagels.

  7. Jillian@FoodFolksandFun says:

    I had NO idea that Einstein Bros has this fabulous deal on Mondays! I can't wait to un-Monday someone's Monday. 😉

  8. That's awesome… I can't wait to unMonday it!

  9. Oh man! I love bagels and that for sure would make my Mondays better but there isn't an Einstein Bros. Bagels near me. 🙁

  10. Stephanie says:

    So great that your husband gets up early to go to the gym with you!

  11. Michelle De La Cerda says:

    Well, that is a screaming deal…and it would really unMonday my Monday.

  12. Lydia Filgueras says:

    We're retired so everyday is Monday…and Friday. 🙂 But I remember the days when Sunday meant lunch prep, finishing up laundry and checking homework. Mondays are less painful with a toasted everything bagel smeared with plain cream cheese. 🙂

  13. Emily Glover says:

    That's so great of your husband to get up early to go to the gym with you. It's so much easier when you don't have to go alone. And also these bagels look so delicious! I'd definitely gift some to my husband because he has been amazingly helpful during my pregnancy when I don't feel like getting up and moving!

  14. Kari Guastella says:

    Einstein bagels are my favorite! When I was in high school my mom and I would go get a bagel and a hot chocolate once a week before school and just talk.

  15. foody schmoody says:

    Oh I didn't know about that Monday deal! We do have a shop about 15 minutes away but I head that way often. I think I'll start doing my nearby shopping on Mondays to get this deal!

  16. Kimberly Lewis says:

    Hello cute lady! Thank you for hosting such an amazing party! We would love to see you at our party that starts tonight @7 pm and goes until Friday @7. We pin and tweet every post! Happy Day! Lou Lou Girls