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Comfy Fleece Cardigan (Ikea Hack!)

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Make a comfy Fleece Waterfall Cardigan from a blanket!

How to make a cardigan sweater from fleece

Make a cardigan from a fleece blanket:

I do what I can to keep our gas and electric bills down.  I turn off all the lights, unplug energy draining appliances, use the fans in summer, etc…  In the winter, I am of the opinion that if you’re cold, instead of turning up the heater, go put on a sweater.   (This is directed to my hubby who walks around in shorts, tees and bare feet, then complains about being cold!)

I have several sweaters and cardigans that I wear almost constantly during the winter months.  (You might even catch me walking around the house with one of my kids throw blankets draped over my shoulders – they are so warm!)

I was at Ikea last week and noticed they had large (51 x 67) fleece throw blankets for 2.99.  As I passed by, I mentally added a trip to the fabric store for fleece so I could make a new cardigan using my draped shawl cardigan tutorial pattern.  (Click the link for the tutorial.)

While eating lunch with the kiddos, (It was Tuesday and kids eat free) it dawned on me that I didn’t need to go to the fabric store, I could just use their fleece blankets for my fabric.  At 2.99 for almost 2 yards of fleece, the price was better than you could get at a fabric store.

When I got home, I whipped out another cardigan in less than an hour!

DIY Draped Cardigan Tutorial (Made with a $2.99 Ikea Fleece Blanket.) #ikeahack

Doesn’t it look comfy and warm?  I wish I had made this cardigan in December instead of February.  It will get lots of use next year, for sure!

The blanket had a laser-cut edge, so I lined up my measurements to keep the detail.  This fleece does not stretch like a regular knit, so keep that in mind when cutting.  You may want to add an extra 1/4 inch around the arm hole and upper arm measurement.  When I tried on the first arm, it was a little snugger than I like, so I went back and re-sewed this area with a smaller seam allowance and that was all it needed.

I seriously recommend this project, even for a beginning sewer.  (I consider myself an “advanced” beginner.)  Once you have the pattern made, you will be able to whip these out in less than an hour.  Wouldn’t this make a wonderful gift to a mom/sister/aunt/friend?

Draped cardigan tutorial ==>> here

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