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Pajama Collection

I haven’t posted much this week…  I’ve been working on a few different things:  a new pajama collection for my daughter and have been trying to work out the kinks on a new tutorial.  (Hopefully I will have the tutorial ready to go Monday night.)

I also have not been getting enough sleep which severely affects my motivation levels…  I really need a good 8 hours of sleep to feel good. (and happy.)  I have to be up at 6:30 am, but it is really hard to force myself to go to bed at 10 pm.  I seem to catch my 2nd wind around that time and then can be up for another couple of hours, even though I know I will feel miserable the next day.  It all comes down to self discipline and I just don’t seem to have a lot of that! (When tired, I also loose my ability to proof read, hence my need to go back and edit the same post at least 10 times for typos and grammatical errors!!)

Here is what I have completed so far:

If you would like to make a similar nightgown, you can use my free peasant dress pattern found here.

I have some interlock cotton in a floral print, I will probably use it to make one more lighter weight nightgown from from this pattern.

I made this little top and short set using the Sienna dress and the perfect Short Patterns from Lil Blue Boo.  She had a back to school sale a while back and I scooped up a couple of patterns.  The fabric is some t-shirt knit I picked up on sale at  I have enough fabric left over so I think I will make a pair of pajama pants with the short pattern.  I love how they fit.  They have a great waistband, no elastic needed.

Here are the shorts up close:

I started these pajama bottoms last winter using Simplicity 2677, but never finished them.  I added a ruffle to extend the lenght a little bit and they fit just fine.  I made the shirt using one of my old maternity t-shirts and the Lil Blue Boo Sienna pattern again.  I used all of the butterfly flannel fabric to make the ruffle, which is a shame because the t-shirt would have been so cute with a couple of yellow butterflies appliqued to the front.

Next on my list is some pajama bottoms for my son.  I have 5 one yard cuts of some really cute-for-boys flannel.  I just hope 1 yard is enough for a pair of pants.  So far I have only made shorts for him, otherwise I will have to get creative…  After I finish the pajama project, I will be moving on to some fall/Halloween projects.

I will be linking up to some of the fabulous linky parties listed here.  Check ’em out if you have a chance!