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Kid Craft: Hanging Wall Pocket

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Kids squabbling?  Driving you a little crazy?  How about a quick little craft to keep the kids busy while you get something done.  You most likely have all the supplies on hand…

Hanging Wall Pocket:


See how we made these after the jump:

This one is very simple, all you need is:

Paper plates
hole punch
Supplies to decorate the pocket
(We used Crayons, construction and tissue paper and glue.)

Cut one of the paper plates in half.  Each wall pocket is a full plate and half plate.  Decorate the plates.  We didn’t get too fancy, just a little coloring and gluing different paper shapes.


Then while they ate lunch, I lined up the plates and punched holes along the pocket with the hole punch.

I gave them a little bit of string and let them “sew” up the wall pocket.  They needed a little help keeping the plates steady while lacing them, so I added a little staple to the bottom of the pocket.

Tada!  Aren’t they cute? so proud of their creations!


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