Meet our Newest Family Member!

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We adopted a sweet kitten last weekend.

Meet Rocky!

Rock is a very sweet 3 month old kitten.  I had been getting my kitty fix by volunteering for a local animal rescue organization, Austin Pets Alive.  APA rescues animals from local shelters that are on the to be euthanized list.  They are able to do this with volunteers who “foster” the animals in their home.  I would have loved to continue volunteering, but it was getting to difficult as I was having to drive 30 minutes each way several times a week to get my animals to the nearest adoption event.

Lucky for us, Rocky fits right in!  He loves to craft!

He enjoys participating in photo shoots.

He is a great blog post writing assistant.

He is very affectionate, in fact he likes to be carried around…

He also enjoys watching tv and movies with the family…

And is a great playmate for the kids!

I have been mostly keeping him in our laundry room at night and bringing him out for extended periods during the day.  I am using a spray bottle to help train him.  I hope the spray bottle works…  Has anyone had luck with this method?

I know the hubby is enjoying him too, he told me last night he would pick up a laser pointer for the cat.

How about you guys?   Has anyone else added a new pet to their family recently?

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  1. Jen in Colorado says:

    I have three cats and the spray bottle does the trick beautifully! Also, if Rocky ever attempts to claw at furniture, pin some aluminum foil over the area. Cats hate the feel of foil and he will stop scratching at it in a short time. Congratulations. He is a cutie!

  2. Christine @ Angel Stitch Embroidery and Jezebel says:

    He is so cute!!! Yes, spray bottle works well. I have two newish cats, Beethoven is my deaf, white cat that I found in the grocery store parking lot. When I realized that he was friendly and deaf I picked him up, stuck him in my car and he has been with us since December. He is approx 3 years old and the poor guy has an enlarged heart and went through a bout of congestive heart failure 🙁 Our other new guy is Bandit. I found him locked in my garage when he was 5 months. He was infested with parasites and was emaciated. I found him the very day that Beethoven was treated for his heart failure, back in January. They are besties now!
    I also have 3 dogs, 2 other cats, a parrot and 4 water turtles. Its a zoo around here 😀
    Congrats on your new kitty!!!

    1. Christine @ Angel Stitch Embroidery and Jezebel says:

      Oh, yes, and Beethoven and Bandit LOVE the laser pointer!!! Beethoven calls for the dot when he wants to play. He has an eerie yowl and he likes to do this late at night. Its hilarious…..

  3. Amanda Corbet says:

    I have 2 cats and have used the spray bottle method. It really does work. I wanted them to stay off any table-type surface so any time they got up where I didn't want them to be I would spray them with the water bottle. Eventually they quit doing it all together. They also LOVE to chase around a laser dot. You'll spend hours laughing while kitty is trying to catch the dot! Congratulations!