New Craft Table and Chairs for the Playroom

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I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.  We had a nice gathering here.  My family, my parents, my brother and his wife and my uncle’s family.  I am loving all of the leftovers!

My Aunt and I decided to hit the Black Friday sales on Thursday night instead of getting up early on Friday.  We hit up Kohl’s and Walmart.  It seems as if half the city had the same idea, I was absolutely shocked at the crowds at Walmart.  (We got there at 10.)  There were so many people, you could not move in the store.  I was able to get a few of the items I had come for, but the stick vacuum I wanted was long gone.  (It was on sale for $8, I heard that people showed up at 8pm and loaded up with the good stuff…)

Since the kids had gone to my parents for a few days before Thanksgiving, I was able to do some shopping, get the house clean and finish up a project for their playroom.

I had an old kitchen table that I had been saving with the intention of painting it and using it as a craft area in the play room.  I used spray paint on the chairs and I painted the table with a roller and brush.

I picked the paint colors based on the window valences (and spray paint colors available.)  For the art display board, I just used a scrap 1 X 8 we had in the garage left over from my mudroom project.  My husband cut it in half for me and I sanded it and painted it with our trim color, then hot glued on some clothespins I had painted white.

Looks really cute if you ask me…  Ikea has their 4-cube Expedit Bookshelves on sale Sunday for $19.99.  We are planning to head over there as soon as they open to pick up a couple.  I plan on using one in the playroom to help organize a few or their craft supplies.

Now we just need to get to work creating a few new masterpieces…

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  2. Fantastic! I love the colors you chose, so cheerful. Thank you for sharing them with us!