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Quick Breakfast Ideas

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Have a #MorningWin with these Quick Grab-and-Go Breakfast Ideas!  (This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of belVita. The opinions and text are all mine.)

Grab and Go Quick Breakfast Ideas to Help You get a Morning Win!

Mornings at our house can be hit or miss…

I’ve never been a morning person and with two little ones in elementary school, our wake up time is quite early. (6:25 to be exact… I consider anything before 7am, too early!)  My little guys ride the bus to school.  That means waking up, getting dressed, teeth, hair, lunches (sometimes,) backpacks, shoes (why does it take so long to get your shoes on?) and breakfast all have to be completed by 7am to be out the door in time to meet the bus!

All that rushing around (plus a bit of dawdling) makes for a hectic morning!

Most mornings, my daughter gets up with her alarm, gets dressed and will start on her hair all by herself.  Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case with my son; and if for some reason, I hit the snooze button, you can pretty much bet that the morning won’t be getting off to a smooth start.

In a perfect world, I would serve my kids a hot breakfast, with a smile on my face and barely a whisper of gentle reminders of what they need to be doing to get out the door an time.

Unfortunately it’s not a perfect world, so for the mornings we struggle, I always keep a good selection of “grab and go” type breakfast for the kids. One of our favorites is the belVita Breakfast Biscuits.

Quick Breakfast Ideas

Pair a package of these with a dairy and/or a piece of fruit to help fuel their little bodies for 4 hours of steady energy!

Quick Breakfast Ideas

And if you have just a bit more time, add a spoonful or two of your favorite nut butter or spreadable cream cheese for an extra boost of fat and protein. (Aww- who am I kidding, just dink the cracker in the whipped cream cheese or peanut butter!)

So any help I can get on getting my guys out the door, well fed and with a smile on everyone’s faces; is a Morning Win for me!

Quick Breakfast Ideas

A direct quote from my lil’ Missy about the strawberry and cream cheese combo (her fave:) “This tastes like dessert on a yummy cracker!”

Quick Breakfast Ideas

Do you have any tips, tricks or advice that might help others get a #MorningWin?  Share in the comments below!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of belVita. The opinions and text are all mine.


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