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Ratchet and Clank Halloween Costume

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I’m a little late getting my son’s Halloween costume done this year due to a last minute costume change from Hot flowing magma (inspired from Minecraft) to a Ratchet and Clank Costume, which is his latest obsession.

Thankfully, I got it done a few hours before he came home from school.

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He was very excited try it on!  If you’re unfamiliar with Ratchet and Clank, it’s a video game on PlayStation.  Ratchet is a cat/human-like superhero that battles the bad guys with his trusty mini-robot strapped to his back.

There was very little sewing going on with this costume.  Only the hat and ears were sewn.  (For the hat, I modified this paid pattern, but found a similar free one here.)  The rest was put together with felt, hot glue and duck tape!  (including the stripes on his ears.)

For the Clank backpack, I just Duck taped 2 boxes together and made shoulder straps with the tape.

For the axe, hubby used an old corrugated real Estate sign and plumbing supplies.  I posted the pic below on Instagram while he was working on it.

The tail and boot covers were made with felt, hot glued together.  The tail was stuffed with plastic grocery store bags.

One last shot of my little Angel (who somehow lost her belt when she was trick or treating for cans last week) and Ratchet and Clank!

We didn’t do a much trick or treating this Halloween.  Instead we went to a church sponsored fall fun fest and hit up about 6 or 7 houses on our way home.  We didn’t bring home too much candy, and I am happy about that!

I wish I had lots of cool pictures to show off, because I did bring my good camera, but my hands were too full from carrying around candy baskets, shoes and everyone’s accessories…  (lesson learned)  But I did get these:



What about you?  Did your family trick or treat or did you go to a festival or party?

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  1. Postpunkmamma says:

    This is exactly what I was looking for, a Ratchet and Clank DIY!

  2. Love the Angel rock climber!