Ruffled Scarf Tutorial

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I just love the look of shorts, tights and boots on little girls.  I think the combination is so adorable.  (I wish I could get away with it too…)

I got an email to be part of the Pattern Anthology Winter Wonderland tour and I said yes immediately.  After browsing through the Collection, I thought the Holly Trousers – shorts option would be perfect for the outfit I wanted to make.  (The Winter Wonderland Collection is available at PatternAnthology.com.)  As much as I hate deadlines, sometimes I need them to actually get stuff done – since self imposed deadlines rarely work for me.

How to make a ruffle scarf plus Holly Trouser from Pattern Anthology Winter Wonderland Tour

I shopped around until I found the perfect tartan plaid corduroy fabric (from Hancock Fabrics) and I picked up this little coordinating outfit for my son from Crazy 8.

As soon as our leaves start turning red, I plan on getting a few more pictures of my little guys, maybe for our Christmas cards.

I enjoyed sewing these shorts.  The instructions were easy to follow and they fit great. (I made her a size 6.) The only change I made was to make the pleats a  bit smaller to make sure I could put elastic in the back and not have to add a zipper, which worked out fine.  And the next time I sew them, I will add about .75 inches to the length so I can have a slightly wider cuff on the bottom.

Her top was just a plain white tee and I felt like her outfit needed a little something else.  I decided a to make a ruffle scarf with some black crushed velvet I had in my stash.  (I also plan to make her a coordinating hat using my beanie hat tutorial for the sibling photos.)

Would you like to make a scarf too?

See how easy it is to make this Ruffle Scarf

Materials needed for ruffle scarf:

– 3/4 yard for child size
– 3/4 yard of 60 inch wide fabric for adult size or 1 1/8 yards of 44 inch wide fabric
Appropriate needle for your fabric
Ruler, scissors, pins and hand sewing supplies

I used a pretty stretch crushed velvet for our scarf.  It turned out beautifully, so soft and warm, plus the fabric was almost 60 inches wide, I didn’t have to piece together too much fabric.  The fabric was a bit challenging to work with it because of the thickness, but I am glad I used it.  It was also hard to photograph for the step by step process, so I recreated the steps for you in scrap fabric.

Step 1.  Cutting the fabric

Child size:
Cut 2 strips 4 inches by 40 inches wide (main scarf piece)
Cut 2 strips 4 inches by 80 inches wide.  (ruffle strips, you will need to piece together 2 strips to get this width)

Adult size:
Cut 2 strips 4 inches by 60 inches wide (main scarf piece)
Cut 2 strips 4 inches by 120-ish inches wide.  (ruffle strips, you will need to piece together 2 to 3 strips to get this width.)

Step 2: Creating the ruffle strips.

If you’re working with a woven or other type of fabric that will fray, fold the short edges of the ruffle strip over 1/4 inch and another 1/4 inch and sew along the edge to finish them.

Fold the ruffle strip in half long ways, right side facing out.  Sew a basting/gathering stitch 1/4 inch from the raw edge.

Pull on the bobbin thread and gather the ruffle strip until it is about 1/2 inch shorter than the main fabric piece. Repeat the gathering process for the 2nd ruffle strip.

Lay out the main fabric piece so it is right side facing up.  Line up the raw edges of the first ruffle strip with the edge of the main fabric piece. Leave 1/2 inch of the main fabric free at the edge.  Pin the ruffle in place and sew along the edge of the ruffle (right along the left side of the gathering stitch.)  The photo below show both ruffle strips lined up, but just do one at a time.


If you go slow, you might be able to attach the ruffle without adding pins.  Try it, it will save a ton of time.  Once the first ruffle is attached, repeat for the 2nd ruffle.

Step 3: Assembling the scarf. 

Line up the 2nd main fabric piece on top of the ruffles, right side facing down.

Sew along the edges, 1/4 inch from the edge.

Flip the scarf right side out.

Fold the loose ends in and hand sew both ends closed.


You’re done!

Now wrap up in your scarf and stay warm!

You never know when you might get a little snow!


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  1. see kate sew says:

    this photoshoot is great! what a fun scarf! thank you so much for joining us!

  2. Beautiful scarf! Thank you for the tutorial!

  3. Jenya @ While she was sleeping says:

    The outfit is gorgeous. Love the shorts. And the scarf finishes the outfit off so nicely 🙂 Ta for the tutorial 🙂

  4. Shauna@shwinandshwin says:

    I love the shorts! I especially love that last photo with the cozy jacket, the whole look is so great!

  5. thingsforboys says:

    Jamie, I love this look! It's so polished but still kid friendly and fun! I want a pair of those shorts for me!

  6. Andrea Pannell says:

    Oh I love that scarf so much! I need to make some for my daughters because we actually need scarves here in Ohio! The whole outfit is styled so adorably! Thank you so much for participating!

  7. Looks great – and way to make it snow in Central Texas! Thanks for being on the tour.