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Sew Your Cat (or small dog) a Patriotic Cat-Kerchief for the 4th of July!

Dress up your kitty (or small dog) for the 4th of July with this Free Patriotic Cat-Kerchief Sewing Pattern and tutorial! (Cat Neckerchief)  

This DIY Cat Outfit is the perfect way to dress up the cat and celebrate the holiday with the family.

DIY Cat Outfit

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DIY Cat Outfits: Sew a Patriotic Cat-Kerchief

Summer has definitely arrived!

The heat and humidity we get in Central Texas during the late spring and summer can combine with late cold fronts to make for some crazy strong storms and we definitely had a doozie last night!

Lots of thunder, lightning, and wind.  (Check out the neighbor’s trampoline – yep, one neighbor’s trampoline was tossed up in the air and landed upside down on the other neighbor’s trampoline!)

With all the commotion last night, it was no surprise to wake up and find I had a visitor right next to me in my bed (Rocky) and another visitor (my lil missy) sleeping on the chaise lounge in my room.

Loud noises, like thunderstorms and fireworks, always send him scrambling to hide in my room. What worries me is that one day he’ll get locked in my room and begin using a spot in my room instead of his litter box.  EEEK!

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We love celebrating the 4th of July around here, (as you can see by this post – no one is immune to being dressed up in patriot outfits  )  BUT – I do wish others would respect the city ordinance of no fireworks within the city limits.

Since we all know that’s not going to happen, I have to do what I can to keep my pets calm and happy during these events.

Tips to help make your cat feel safe during thunderstorms and fireworks:

  • Make sure to bring him or her indoors.
  • Let your cat hide in his favorite hiding spot. Let him come out when ready.
  • Stay calm yourself and gently comfort and pet your cat if he’ll let you (but don’t give extra attention if he doesn’t want it, this will stress him out even more.).
  • Distract your kitty with toys, catnip, or his favorite treat.
  • Use a comforting “happy message pheromone diffuser like the FELIWAY® CLASSIC Diffuser

Ready to make your kitty an adorable patriotic cat outfit?

Read on for the instructions to make a cat neckerchief and free pattern link!

Patriotic Cat Outfit Sewing Pattern and tutorial!

How to make your own Patriotic Cat Outfit:

Materials needed for the Cat-Kerchief

Fold fabric in half and line up pattern piece on the fold of the fabric.  Cut one front piece and one back piece.

Right sides together, pin the two pieces together and sew with a 1/4 inch seam allowance.  Leave a 2-inch gap at the top for flipping the cat-kerchief right side out.

Cut tiny notches into the curves of the pattern, taking care not to cut into the seam.


Fip the kerchief right side out.

Press the seams flat, tucking in the gap.  Pin the gap closed and top stitch all the way around the kerchief.

Cut two small pieces of the hook and loop.

I recommend trying the kerchief on your cat to get the perfect fit, you don’t want it too tight, but not so loose they can slip out of it

Sew the hook and loop in place. (or in my case, just peel off the sticky back.)  And you are done!

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Now go try it on your kitties and take some pictures!

how to make a scarf for a cat or dog

Our Callie loves her chin scratches, lol!

how to make a cat outfit

If you make a Cat-Kerchief with this pattern Please, Please, Please share a picture!  You can share to my facebook page or tag me on Instagram with #scatteredmompatterns!


Now it’s your turn!  Would you make an outfit for your dog or cat? Let us know in the comments below and I would also be interested in hearing if you’ve ever had any success with the FELIWAY® Products.