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Stay Put Kitchen Towels

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DIY Stay Put Kitchen Towel Tutorial

See this empty drawer?

It’s where I keep my kitchen towels.  We (meaning the kids) have been going through 3 to 4 kitchen towels every single day!

At first, I thought a kitchen towel bandit must be breaking in and taking all my towels out of the drawer and leaving them all over the house…

It took me a little while to catch on, but I finally noticed one little 6-year-old blonde bandit was reaching in the drawer and getting out a clean towel every time I sent him to the kitchen to wash his hands.  (This was not happening in the bathrooms because the clean towels are not so accessible.)

I remembered seeing this stay put kitchen towel tutorial over at Pin.Sew.Press a few months ago and knew it would be the perfect solution for my kitchen towel issues.

Here are my new Stay-Put Kitchen Towels…



So cute and really very easy to make.  I just used some inexpensive hand towels from Walmart and a tiny bit of scrap fabric and ribbon.  In less than an hour, I went from this:

In less than an hour, I went from this:

To this:

So much better, don’t you think?!

I have some really cute Christmas fabric, so I will be making a few more for the holidays…

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  1. Very smart idea! I have dropped dish towels on my floor ALL day long! And it doesn't help that my 9 month old likes to pull them down! Thanks for sharing this @ Show & Share. I am so happy to have you!

  2. So clever! I remember my boys always loved pulling them down & throwing them on the floor. {Grrr!} Wish I would have been as smart as you – maybe I'll try this solution for my grandchildren! Thanks for linking it up to Fabulous Friday at Faith, Trust, & Pixie Dust.

    Warmly, Michelle

  3. What a genius idea!! And fabulous kitchen by the way! I would love for you to come link up at our link party…

  4. You're so creative! Thank you for showcasing all of your amazing posts today at Frugally Sustainable:) You are a true inspiration!

  5. Brilliant! This post is so informative and I think my subscribers would really enjoy reading this. I would love for you to come share it at Frugal Days, Sustainable Ways on Frugally Sustainable today. And, I really hope that you will put Frugal Days, Sustainable Ways on your list of carnivals to visit and link to each Wednesday! Hereโ€™s the link:

    Andrea @ Frugally Sustainable
    Here's the link:

  6. Brilliant Idea – I need this!

    New followers via Sugar and Spice – come by for a visit!

    Kyra @ www.

  7. Cute idea and hopefully this saves you some laundry! I should show this to my sister. Her new kitten likes to steal their dishtowels and hide them all over the house!

  8. These are genius! I'm pinning as well for my future kitchen:) Thanks for sharing.
    Following you now!

  9. Very great! I need to do that in my girls' bathroom!

  10. Such a great idea! I seem to wash more hand towels then I ever though possible. Your kitchen is gorgeous too. Love it!

    Also, I would love for you to share this at my friday link party. Its new so I would love to have you link up ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. I am tempted to do this, but I wonder if they wouldn't just be used to wipe berry-stained hands, lol.

    Visiting from TT&J linky party,
    Theophanie of

  12. Bingo! I love it. Our towels have a tendency to go walk about too. We have 3 people in our family, and we definitely have 3 bandits.;) Myself included.:) I think this may be a VERY good solution.:)

  13. Where did you find the holders? Not something I recognize… My hubby is the towel bandit! I have them in certain places and instead of using them to dry hands while its hanging – poof he snatches it up and it lands where ever!!!

  14. that is very brilliant!!! I should do that to!!! Great post! thanks for sharing!