Stocking Stuffers and Gift Ideas for the Home Cook

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Still searching for the few gifts or stocking stuffers for the home cook (or anyone who loves Kitchen Gadgets?)  It can be difficult to choose gifts that a special someone would love (and actually use.)

Still searching for the few gifts or stocking stuffers for the home cook (or anyone who loves Kitchen Gadgets?) It can be difficult to choose gifts that a special someone would love (and actually use.) Any of the items on this list would definitely make someone happy!

Personally, I love kitchen gadgets- I spend a lot of time in the kitchen and anything that will make my life easier or is just fun to use, is always a good thing!  I’ve put together a collection of my favorite kitchen gadgets in case you need a few more stocking stuffers or last minute gifts for friends and family.  (Many of these items come straight from my wish list or are things I already have and definitely recommend!)

I’m an online shopper and most of the items in this guide are available via Amazon Prime.  If you’re not already a Prime Member, you can sign up for a free 30 day trial here, which would be great for any last minute Christmas gifts!  (Amazon prime gives you FREE Two-Day Shipping for eligible purchases, unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows with Prime Instant Video, and the ability to borrow books from the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library for $99 a year.)

Amazon Prime in itself makes a fabulous gift.  If you would like to give someone the gift of Prime, use this link.  (This link allows you to purchase a Prime membership and not be auto billed the next year.)

Now on to the gifts…

I have the mini cupcake maker and we love it!  The pie maker is on my wish list.  Of course if you get a pie maker you should probably include a mini-pie recipe book too
If mini-pies aren’t your thing, how about a DIY Twinkie Maker instead?
It always seems to take two hands to fill a ziplock bag with leftovers.
I really need this bag holder!
These food savers would come in so handy!!!
This avocado slicer has been on my list for a while.
As much as we use avocados, I think it needs to be my next gadget.
According to the product description, the tool splits, pits and slices without being sharp to the touch. I just want it for the perfect slices it makes!
I have one of these that does not have the odor remover tool, but I wish it did. The tines hold the onion steady and guides your knife for even slices and the attached stainless steel oval supposedly removes onion odor from hands.
I’m constantly losing my measuring spoon!  (I use my tablespoon all the time .)
This handy measuring spoon has two small magnets that hold it firmly against the fridge or any other metal kitchen surface and the finger grip makes it quick and easy to remove.
I also like this complete set that clicks together with magnets:
Sometimes I need to open jars when the hubby is not around, this jar opener sure would be convenient. It is designed to fit virtually any size lid or cap.
This Pot Clip attaches directly to the pot or pan edge and holds utensils in place while cooking.  (Keeps the mess in the pot, not on your counter! This is more for my hubby than me.  I don’t seem to have any issues setting my spoon on a paper towel…)
Everyone needs a good pizza cutter.  They are great for pizzas, quesadillas, grilled cheese and so much more!
How handy is this cooking guide apron?  I love that it is printed upside down so you can actually read it while cooking!
Make it easy to cook soup in the microwave and  never burn your fingers again. This 3-piece set, ceramic bowl fits inside microwave safe plastic bowl allowing the food inside the bowl to cook fast and stay warm.
Here’s a fun new way to get creative with your pancakes! Fill the batter bottle with pancake batter and scribble your name, a face, or anything you like right onto the pan.
So handy for measuring out consistent sizes of cookies and batter.
If you need something for the griller, I love the idea of this Grill Daddy heat shield barbecue tools to shield your hands from grill heat and splatter.
Perfect accessory for the fire pit!
This Popcorn Popper makes 2 quarts of popcorn! Great for use in the fireplace or campfire, this Popcorn Popper also roasts chestnuts. (Not that I’ve ever roasted a chestnut, lol!)
Who doesn’t like melty, cheesy quesadillas?
How neat would it be to make quesadillas on the grill?  The quesadilla basket protects the tortillas and holds the form of the quesadilla while they are cooking.  (I wouldn’t mind having that quesadilla right about now either!)
Everyone needs a digital thermometer- I use mine constantly.  This one works on the grill too!
These would be great for pulled briskets and pork.  I often use my kitchenaid for chicken, but I find that it shreds the meat in very small pieces. These claws are heat resistant to 450 degrees and have long handles that keep hands away from food while in use.
Slice all breads safely and easily
 and the stainless steel blade is guaranteed to never need sharpening.
This one is the most expensive of the bunch, but if you are wanting a powerful blender, this is a good one.  I bought one of these to test out and I really like it.  (The one I bought didn’t come with the 48 ounce jar, like this one does.  I bought the smaller version for smoothies.)  What I like about the “Auto IQ” is that it runs through a cycle that allows the air bubbles to rice to the top and resettles the food/at the bottom for perfect blending.  Great for smoothies and frozen stuff.  I do also have a vitamix and I think the Ninja IQ  has the vitamix beaten on this point!

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