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30 Days of Summer Fun ideas for the Kids!

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Can you believe we only have one month of summer left?  It’s time to get active and treasure these last few days of “freedom” together with a 30 Days of Summer Fun Challenge!

If you’re anything like me and want to make every day count I’ve got a fun printable 30-day countdown calendar full of Easy Ideas for Summer Fun with the kids!  (access link found at the bottom of post)

3o days of summer fun activities

Summer Fun isn’t over yet!

We are heading into what is referred to as the “Summer Doldrums.”  

The 4th of July festivities are long gone, and the kids are starting to get a little bit bored with being home. The daytime temperatures have been hovering around the 100s, so it’s too hot to spend a significant amount of time outside (I don’t even like to go to the pool until after 6 p.m. – my missy is just so fair, and it’s easier to go in the evening and not have to worry about the sun).  

We are counting down the days until my son’s scout trip to Colorado, a camping trip to the beach, and a visit with our cousins—all of which are happening in August!

I kept the kids mostly home with me this summer, and one of my goals was to do a little something entertaining, fun, and possibly even educational with them every day.  

Simple activities like going to the park, the library, scavenger hunts, various crafts, and misc projects in the kitchen.  

I’ve done an okay job with this, but with only 30 days left of summer, the kids and I made a list of activities and put them on the printable countdown sheet.

Our proposed 30 Days of Summer Fun Activities are:

  1. Play frisbee
  2. Draw with sidewalk chalk
  3. Jump rope
  4. Play dress up
  5. Make an obstacle course
  6. Climb a tree
  7. Play with water balloons
  8. Eat watermelon
  9. Mold with Clay or Playdoh
  10. Go for a night swim
  11. Make a fruit smoothie
  12. Paint a mural
  13. Tumble
  14. Have a scavenger hunt
  15. Toss the football
  16. Play mini golf
  17. Eat corn on the cob
  18. Make ice cream
  19. Visit the park
  20. Have a photoshoot
  21. Take a walk
  22. Go to a baseball game
  23. Start a journal
  24. Camp in the backyard
  25. Plant flowers
  26. Do a science experiment
  27. Write a poem
  28. Make jewelry
  29. Make a bird feeder
  30. Visit the lake or beach

Does it sound like fun to you, too?

I’ve uploaded this cute countdown calendar for you to use. Print it out, hang it on the fridge, and get busy making memories that last!

Grab the Free summer fun printable here:

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