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Shirred Bandana Dress

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Make an easy bandana dress with a bandana, a few basic sewing supplies, and elastic thread!

Sew a quick and easy childs halter dress w/ Bandannas

While heading towards the check-out lanes at Walmart last week, I passed by the ladies accessories.  As I walked by, I noticed a rack of bandanas.  The yellow, green and blue ombre pattern of this bandana really caught my eye and just screamed spring to me!  I had to buy a couple.  I knew exactly what I was going to make with them…


A Bandana Dress!  I just love it, and it was so easy to make.  I was able to finish it in a little over an hour.

To make the dress, I used three bandanas.  (One for the front, one for the back and one more for the straps and flower.)


I didn’t take any photos of the sewing process, I was racing to get outside before the sun went down.  The temperature had been 90 degrees that day, but was supposed to be back in the 50’s the next day.  So we had to get our pictures done quick!

To make the dress:

1.  Sew the front and back panel together at the sides.

2.  I did 9 rows of shirring along the top of the dress.

3.  Cut 2 straps 3.75 inches wide by the length of the bandana.

4.  Sew the strap edges together, turn them right side out and iron them.

5.  Attach the straps to the inside of the dress in a “V”.

6.  I added an additional small loop to the back of the dress to help support the halter ties over her shoulders.

8.  For the flower, cut two strips 3 inches by the length of the bandanna and sew them end to end. Taper one end of the strip down to 1 inch wide to be the center of the flower.  Then, sew a gathering stitch down one side of the strip and loosely gather the strip.  Starting with the smaller side, roll the fabric into the shape of a flower and hand stitch the bottom to keep the flower secure.  I attached it to a pin so I could remove the flower when I launder the dress.

I was back at Walmart yesterday and picked up these:


Looks like we have a few more of the dress/tops in our future!


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  1. I think it would, lust space your rows of shirring wider.

  2. Rebecca Nordquist says:

    This is adorable. I love it! I'm a 12 yr old girl, do you think this could work as a shorter top?

    – Rebecca