DIY Cat Ear Headband Tutorial w/ Template

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Today I am sharing how to make a DIY Cat Ear Headband Tutorial.

Do you have a cat lover in your house?  What’s more perfect for your little kitty fan than a Cat Ear Headband?

Make a Cat Ear Headband for your kitty fanatic with this tutorial and printable template! Perfect for halloween or dress up anytime.

I’m supposed to be spending my time this week working on the Halloween Costumes for my kids, but I’ve been procrastinating and working on mostly non-productive stuff…  (I’m really good at that, lol!)

So far this week, I’ve managed to make this little cat ear headband for my daughter.  I will get her little kitty cat costume finished up over the next couple of days, but in the meantime, she is very happy to just wear the headband around!  Let’s just hope we don’t loose it before Halloween!

The headband is really cute and even though I won’t be dressing up, I may have to make one for myself as well…

***Update- I did finish her costume, you can see it here: DIY Kitty Costume.***

To make the Cat Ear Headband, you need:

  • Cat Ear template (Print here
  • 2 colors of felt (I used brown and pink)
  • needle and matching thread
  • Fabric Covered headband
  • batting/Stuffing


Print the cat ear template and cut out the pieces.  Line up the template on the felt and cut out 4 of the larger pieces and 2 of the smaller pieces.

how to make a cat ear headband

Center the smaller piece of felt in the middle of the larger piece.  Align the bottom of the smaller piece above where the larger piece starts to curve.  (I didn’t mark that on the photo below, but hopefully you can see what I mean.)  Hand or machine stitch the smaller pieces to the larger pieces.  I did use my machine, but I used a blanket stitch that kind of looks like a hand stitch.

cat ear tutorial

Line up 2 of the larger triangles (one embellished and one not with the embellished side facing in) and stitch along the sides as indicated below.  Leaving about a 1.5 inch opening.

Trim the corners.

Flip the ear right side out.


cat ear pattern

Fill with stuffing.

Using matching thread, hand stitch the opening closed.

Hand stitch the ears in place onto the fabric covered headband.  (Be sure to start in the back, if you are anything like me, your stitches will probably improve as you go.)

For a little something extra, I hand stitched a bit of furry trim to the center of our headband…

Cat Ear Headband Tutorial

They turned out really cute, now I just need to finish the actual costume!


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  1. These are super cute! Thanks for sharing with us at Your Designs This Time.
    Emily & Erin

  2. This headband is super cute! I'm featuring tonight at my link party!!


  3. How cute is that! My daughter would LOVE this headband. Although I am in the procrastination boat right there with you… I've been planning to work on her costume this week too, and so far it hasn't happened yet! Glad to know I'm not alone 🙂 Although you are ahead of me now so I better get started 🙂 I would be thrilled if you shared this at my Throwback Thursday party! I hope to see you there and thanks for sharing 🙂 http://www.hubbymademe.com/throwback-thursday-no-15/

  4. New follower from Catch a Glimpse Thursday and I loveee these!! Now if only I can learn how to sew haha I may have to settle for hot glue!


  5. LOVE the ears! The tutorial is FABULOUS!

    Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer… From Dream To Reality!

  6. Thanks for the tutorial: I have two days to come up with a Cat Woman costume for my daughter, this will help hugely!

  7. So cute! I just made bat ears tonight so this is a little familiar, but I did it onto a piece of elastic to make a stretchy headband…maybe I should have tried a solid one!

  8. Perfect for a halloween costume. You did a great job with the tutorial too. Thanks for sharing at DIYbyDesign.